Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting of Sperms

Magnetic activated cell sorting of sperms (MACS) is a technique that allows the sperms with the best characteristics to be selected for assisted reproduction treatments. This unique technique provided by ZIVA eliminates the apoptotic spermatozoa- which die after fertilization, and the healthy ones are selected that increase the chances of pregnancy.

Indications for MACS?

  • Patients with repetitive miscarriages
  • Patients undergoing artificial insemination
  • Infertile males with a high level of DNA fragmentation
  • Patients with unexplained infertility

MACS technique uses tiny biodegradable magnetic particles that have an antibody attached which detects the spermatozoa that will die after fertilizing. Healthy spermatozoa are separated from unhealthy spermatozoa.

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