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Do’s and Don’ts Guide on Your First Fertility Treatment

Having a baby is the dream, just not the dream of the couple, but also their families. Hence, even after trying for 6 months to one year, if the couple cannot conceive, it’s a good idea to consult a fertility expert. At fertility clinics, a wide variety of tests and a thorough examination are done on both the male and female partners. Sometimes medications or surgical corrections should suffice. But if none of them is working, then the advancements in the field of Assisted Reproduction (ART) has come a long way in helping many couples worldwide welcome their bundle of joy. Fertility treatments involve focus, an investment of time, money and energy and both partners play an important role in preparation and success. In this blog, we have compiled the do’s and don’ts for a couple undergoing fertility treatment for the first time.

The Do’s for Your First Fertility Treatment

Even if you have no underlying medical conditions, focus on developing good health or improving your existing health. The journey of a healthy pregnancy starts long before conceiving. If you have to lose weight or stop some habits, give yourself 3-4 months as it would need that much time for the positive changes to impact the reproductive system in men and women. 

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Prenatal supplements: Everything your baby gets in the womb is from you. Every organ develops based on what you put inside your body. That includes your vitamin, nutrient and mineral stores. Apart from providing the growing baby with a healthy environment, the whole 9 months of carrying the baby require a lot from you. In summation, prenatal vitamins are crucial for the fetal and your health.

Preconception diet: This is central to a healthy, successful conception and pregnancy. When we think of vitamins for pregnancy, prenatal vitamins for women come to mind first. But men and women should supplement their micronutrient intake. Father’s health is frequently overlooked, but sperm constitutes half a baby’s genetic material. Women’s vitamin supplementation is even more critical because, in addition to the nutrients required to make, grow and birth a healthy baby, the mom must have enough nutrients for her well-being. Talk to your doctor about which supplements are best, and start taking them a few months before you begin IVF.  

Stress management: Most people consider stress a mental and emotional thing. However, it has a real physical impact on the body and the foetus. Most people resort to alcohol or smoking to release stress, but they are counterproductive to pregnancy. But there are many healthy and better ways to manage stress. Below are a few of the ideas that you can choose from:

  • Drawing/painting/colouring  
  • Meditation/breathing 
  • Swimming
  • Cleaning
  • Fostering kittens/puppies
  • Cooking
  • Writing
  • Photography
  • Engaging yourself creatively is the best and quickest way of stress relief. 

A healthy diet leads to better results – What does eating well mean? That includes foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, fish, eggs and avocado, and any other foods dense in essential nutrients and high in good fats. Avoid sugar and inflammatory foods. Though that is subjective, general guidelines are to avoid alcohol and smoking.

A healthy sleeping pattern is a must – If you have optimized your diet and quit smoking and alcohol, sleep should not be an issue. Sleep not only keeps you physically healthy but also balances your emotions. Fertility treatment success depends on your emotional well, too; hence a good night’s sleep is crucial. This is true for both men and women. 

Have a fixed bedtime routine, including time to go to bed and wake up. White noise machines are a great way to help you fall asleep (and stay asleep).

  • Get blackout curtains for your bedroom. 
  • Put on a good sleep mask.
  • Try to see or hear happy, positive, soothing things before bed. 
  • Practise a few minutes of meditation to calm yourself and fall asleep easily.

Find a good support system: Fertility Treatments are challenging, thrilling, exciting, and uncertain. So find a good support system which whom you can share your experiences during this journey. Some good online communities can also help. We at ZIVA also offer counselling services to all couples seeking fertility treatments. 

What NOT to do for Your First Fertility Treatment?

Say no to alcohol: It’s a well-established fact that alcohol affects fertility treatments. If you consume more than four drinks per week, the chances of failed fertilization are nearly 50% higher. Consuming beer every day by the male partner lowers the likelihood of successful implantation. If the female partner consumes white wine daily, the likelihood of successful implantation lowers by 22%. In women, alcohol lowers estrogen levels.

Don’t make caffeine your stress buster: Caffeine is an absolute thing to avoid for anyone undergoing fertility treatment. That’s why, at ZIVA clinics, we recommend giving up coffee slowly and reducing it months before the fertility treatment starts. Do the research and find out suitable alternatives for coffee. However, if you get good sleep habits, diet and exercise, they will act as natural energy boosters. 

Do not go on any weight loss diets or exercise regimes – Fertility treatment success heavily depends on the body’s natural health. You will need all the extra energy and nutrients you can get, and do not go on a calorie deficit diet. Whatever weight loss you have to do, get it done before the fertility treatment starts. Once the treatment starts, do light exercise or light yoga. 

At ZIVA, we understand you. We not only provide Fertility treatment, but we also handle the emotional aspects of it. Hence, we provide thorough counselling. You can ask any question you have and be honest with us. Do share your medical history with us on your first visit itself. Visit our website or contact us at +91-9100002737, +91-9392834024