Embryo Vitrification

At Ziva Fertility Clinic, we offer a new rapid Embryo Freezing or Cryopreservation technique known as  “vitrification”. Vitrification is a technology that freezes your embryo so that you can use them later in the future if ever you need to undergo IVF process. It freezes the embryo rapidly so that there is no crystal formation. Therefore, it limits the damage during the thawing process. Embryo freezing can be used for both medical and social fertility preservation.

Embryos can be frozen at all stages of their development, from a zygote (fertilized ovum) through its cleavage state (2- 16 cells) to blastocyst (5-6 days). Vitrification is an effective method used in the laboratory to provide successful pregnancy results.

As a part of your IVF cycle, your embryo can be preserved by vitrification. During your IVF procedure, when there are excess embryos that are good in their quality, they can be frozen. By monitoring your natural cycle for ovulation, the embryo can be thawed and implanted timely.

How does Embryo Freezing in Hyderabad work?

  • The embryos will be kept in a preservative known as a cryo-protectant
  • We then rapidly cool down the cryoprotectant containing embryo to -196 degrees Celsius
  • There is no ice formation and the embryo will be stored in a sealed case. 
  • Once you wish to have the embryo transferred, they are rapidly thawed first. 
  • After a few hours, the transfer will take place.

Embryo freezing includes the complete IVF cycle and freezing the embryos.