Fertility Preservation

Fertility preservation involves freezing of the embryo, eggs or sperms for those who’d want to postpone their pregnancy, due to medical or social reasons. Fertility preservation for male and female can be due to different reasons. For females, it can be done by egg or embryo preservation while for males it can be done by preserving their sperms.


Chemo and radiotherapy have been proven to either slow down the oocyte or sperm production or damage your reproductive organs causing infertility. Fertility preservation is of crucial importance to preserve your fertility at the right time. A reproductive health diagnosis should be done for men and women who will be undergoing cancer treatment.

In women breast cancer is common in reproductive age requiring immediate fertility preservation. Cervical cancer is another type of cancer in which a woman may need to opt for fertility preservation.

What are the factors that might reduce your fertility?

• Type of cancer treatment: If you are undergoing radiation treatment in your pelvic region, it is more likely to lead to infertility issues. Few chemotherapy drugs like alkylating agents may affect your fertility too. 
• Dosages given during your cancer treatment: If you are on higher doses of chemotherapy or radiation therapy for a long period of time then your fertility will be affected.
• Age of the person: If you are diagnosed with cancer at an older age, fewer eggs will be present in your body with poor quality.

If you are about to start your chemotherapy sessions then, you have a chance to start your family in the future through fertility preservation. Before starting your treatment, fertility preservation can help you have a healthy baby in the future.


Few factors that are causing a delay in conceiving like work or economic stability can have a negative effect while conceiving. If you are not ready to start your family or if you don’t feel financially or emotionally ready you can think about fertility preservation.

By freezing your eggs at a younger age, you are assured to have access to your younger reproductive potential later in life. You can use your preserved eggs, embryo or sperms when you wish to start your life in the future.

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