IUI Treatment

IUI Treatment
 in Hyderabad

Ziva fertility centre’s offers best in class IUI treatment in Hyderabad. We ensure quality treatment with equal focus on care.

Intrauterine Insemination is a simple fertility treatment that could be a kickstart the conception process for couples who have difficulty in conception. The purpose of IUI is to increase sperm count in the fallopian tube to maximise the chances of conception. In many situations, IUI is a better, cheaper and easier alternative you could try.

Even though IUI is an easier and cheaper alternative to IVF, it is usually not recommended if the male partner has severe infertility or the female partner has blocked fallopian tubes.

The IUI treatment process –

The sperm sample is collected at the clinic on the day of insemination. 

The procedure is simple, takes a few minutes and does not require anaesthesia. Even though the procedure is not painful, it might cause mild cramping.

The fertility expert will clean your cervix and insert a drop of washed, concentrated sperm into your uterus using a small catheter.

During your IUI treatment, injections can also be used to help stimulate your ovaries for the production of eggs. This procedure is carried out around the time of ovulation, helping the fertile sperm to get closer to your egg. 

When do we suggest IUI?

  • When there are mild sperm abnormalities in the male partner.
  • When there’s unexplained infertility, tubal disease, endometriosis in a slightly aged female partner. 

Donor insemination (DI)

IUI can also be performed using donor sperm, which is obtained from an anonymous source from the semen bank. Donor insemination is opted for when the male partner does not produce sperm or the sperm produced is of poor quality or when there us risk of passion on a genetic disease. 

Before you opt for donor insemination, it is important to discuss with your partner how you both feel about using a donor’s sperm for insemination.

At ZIVA, our infertility psychologist will understand your emotions and concerns, if you choose to discuss it with them, which is highly advisable.

If IUI attempts are unsuccessful, you can opt for other ART or Advanced Reproductive Techniques such as In vitro Fertilisation (IVF) or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI).

Success rates of IUI –

According to a study and as mentioned above, age plays a vital role in IUI treatment. For women below the age of 40, three IUI cycles are recommended before moving forward with other ART procedure. Per-cycle success rates for IUI are about 16.4% for the first three times. The success rates are seen to show a decline after three times, which is why IVF is recommended after three IUI cycles.

Low pregnancy rates are observed for women above the age of 40, therefore, it is best to move directly to IVF treatment after 40.

What Makes Ziva the Best IUI Treatment Center in Hyderabad?

ZIVA is the best clinic for IUI treatment as we offer top IUI treatments at the best cost with art of the state equipment and in accordance with the health guidelines. We have the best designed IUI Lab with AHU to provide a clean environment to the embryo. A positive frame of mind in dealing with the infertile couple to deliver the same mindset throughout the treatment for higher success rate.

A team of the best doctors and medical staff to guide you from the initiation of the treatment till the end. High success rates in a single attempt of IUI Treatment. Usage of high quality products, medicines and disposables.

An in-house infertility psychologist to help patients cope with stress, marital issues and any negative thoughts & outcome, if any. 


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