Ultrasonography is a widely used imaging tool in gynaecology and in the management of female infertility. A pelvic ultrasound assesses your reproductive system including cervix, uterus, and other pelvic structures. It can provide you with information about:

• Heavy or irregular periods
• Post-menopausal bleeding
• Infertility
• Follicle tracking

Ultrasound during your fertility treatment:

During your fertility treatment at ZIVA, you might be given certain medications to stimulate the development of eggs in your ovaries. Your eggs will be growing inside the follicles and the size and number of these growing follicles can be accurately determined by an ultrasound.
Infertility ultrasound also monitors the growth and development of your uterine lining.

Ultrasound during your pregnancy:

After you conceive by undergoing fertility treatment, it is very important to monitor the growth and development of your embryo.The use of ultrasonography during your pregnancy is used to create real-time visual images by sound-waves of your developing embryo or fetus in the uterus.

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