Holistic Care

We at ZIVA strive to complete the circle of patient care by delivering holistic care with ethics, transparency, and expertise. We provide a wholesome approach to maintain a good working balance between mind, body, and soul to improve your fertility in every way possible.




Here at ZIVA, we believe that counselling plays an important role for couples who are dealing with infertility. We offer counselling sessions that can be beneficial to the couple emotionally and psychologically for their wellbeing. This also helps to maintain transparency between you and your fertility doctor.



Diet and Nutrition

At Ziva, our registered dietician will closely work with your fertility doctor and plan a personalized diet plan according to your requirements. Having a personalized diet plan can improve your ovulation cycles and sperm quality.



Physical Wellness

At ZIVA, we understand that “Your lifestyle may affect your fertility”

Physical wellness promotes proper care to your body for its optimal health and functioning. Your overall physical wellness must be cared for to maintain the balance of physical activity, nutrition and mental well-being. ZIVA understands the relationship between your body’s physical health and mental health.