Here at ZIVA, we believe that counselling plays an important role for couples who are dealing with infertility. We offer counselling sessions that can be beneficial to the couple emotionally and psychologically for their wellbeing. This also helps to maintain transparency between you and your fertility doctor.

It is important to have support from those who understand your position and condition. ZIVA has an in-house fertility counsellor who specializes in the field of fertility counselling. He /she will be counselling and guiding you throughout your fertility journey.

While you are undergoing your fertility treatment, you might have many queries in mind that remain unsolved. Our in-house counsellor will answer all those queries and make you aware of all the problems that could arise during your treatment process. He/ she will help you tackle those problems by steering you in the right way.

Infertility can put a lot of stress in your relationship and you might tend to feel unhappy with yourself. Attending counselling sessions will help you to overcome that sadness and keep you motivated. You can attend the counselling session alone or with your partner.

At ZIVA, we believe having a straightforward discussion with the counsellor will not only make things go easy but also allow you to have a positive outlook. These sessions can work as a soothing therapy for you and your partner. We look forward to meeting you and helping you during your fertility journey.

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