Physical Wellness

At ZIVA, we understand that “Your lifestyle may affect your fertility”

Physical wellness promotes proper care to your body for its optimal health and functioning. Your overall physical wellness must be cared for to maintain the balance of physical activity, nutrition and mental well-being. ZIVA understands the relationship between your body’s physical health and mental health.

If you are diagnosed with infertility, it can affect your life, mood, sleep and increase stress levels. A healthy lifestyle habit can reduce this negative stress and provide you with fertility benefits.

ZIVA provides yoga sessions for improving your physical wellness that will have benefits for you.

Have you ever come across fertility yoga?

There are a number of benefits fertility yoga can offer if you are trying for a baby. When you feel down with your fertility issues, yoga can boost your spirit and encourage you to have a positive outlook. Yoga poses (asanas) can develop a calm mind, therefore preparing you for your childbirth.

Infertility issues could be solved with fertility yoga. At ZIVA, we will be teaching you a few yoga techniques that can be helpful for you during your infertility treatment. It may help to re-balance your reproductive system and may improve your chances for conceiving. Fertility yoga also strengthens your muscles that’ll help during childbirth. Be patient and positive while you practice your asanas.

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