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 Ziva fertility centre provides the best sperm bank in Hyderabad. Ziva fertility clinics are one of the top fertility centres located in Hyderabad and Secunderabad at 

Manikonda, Banjara Hills, Kompally, Sanath Nagar, and Langar Houz. The Ziva fertility centre offers patients top-notch sperm banking services at a reasonable price. For people with infertility issues, Ziva clinic’s sperm bank is used for counting the sperm extracted from male semen.

Ziva fertility centre has well-trained and highly experienced fertility experts. Ziva fertility centre is well-equipped with state-of-the-art sperm bank infrastructure and world-class semen analysis laboratory. Ziva Fertility Center aims to provide the best fertility treatment in Hyderabad with evidence-based and ethical practices in reproductive technologies, fertility hospital treatments such as the IVF process and IUI procedure, and fertility treatment packages.

Ziva Fertility centre is an advanced fertility clinic that focuses on modern-day fertility and reproductive healthcare in Hyderabad, providing advanced and customised fertility treatment to everyone with parenthood and fertility goals, based on the principles that one size does not fit all and that judgement is an attribute of insensitivity. Ziva fertility centre creates a warm and personal care-based patient treatment with a passion for delivering world-class fertility care, trust, comfort, confidence, and excellence. 

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Sperm bank in Hyderabad at Ziva fertility centre

The procedure of gathering, freezing, and storing sperm is known as sperm banking. Sperm freezing or sperm cryopreservation are other names for it. The sperm may defrost and use intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in-vitro fertilisation (IVF). 

Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and cancer drugs can reduce sperm quality and quantity or even wholly prevent sperm formation or ejaculation. Banking sperm before these treatments can be a beneficial option for preserving fertility.

Reason to visit sperm bank 

  • Sperm quality declines with age, so if you are getting older and want to preserve fertility, you may want to freeze sperm.
  • Medical procedures or conditions
  • People in high-risk occupations such as the military can freeze sperm to make it available to them or their partners. 
  • Ejaculatory disorders
  • Testicular surgery or vasectomy
  • Trauma or sport injuries 
  • Men who want to donate sperm
  • Men with specific disorders leading to testicular damage.

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Preparation for sperm donation in Hyderabad at sperm bank

  • Before performing the procedure, the doctor obtains a complete medical history and physical examination of the patient. Age and weight are recorded as well as any previous surgeries, allergies to medications, personal history and family history of any diseases, cardiac problems, diabetes or other issues. During the physical examination, the doctor carefully examines the sperm donor for any other concerning signs and symptoms.
  • Before donating sperm, the doctor may also recommend some tests, such as blood tests. This is to rule out any bleeding disorders or other problems the donor may be unaware of.

Process for sperm freezing at Ziva fertility centre 

Cryoprotectants, highly absorbent chemicals, are added to the semen sample before freezing to safeguard the sperm and minimise the damage brought on by freezing at such low temperatures.

Methods of Cryopreservation of sperm

There are currently two cryopreservation techniques for human sperm freezing: slow freezing or conventional freezing and vitrification or rapid freezing. We provide both services at Ziva sperm banking. 

Conventional sperm freezing

It is an age-old technique used to successfully preserve human sperm for many years. In two or three steps, the sperm must be frozen for a few hours. At -196° C (-371° F), liquid nitrogen is used to keep the sample.

Sperm Vitrification

It is a new technique quickly spreading as an alternative method for rapid freezing. Rapid freezing involves a few minutes of direct contact between the device holding the sperm samples and liquid nitrogen vapours, followed by a plunge in liquid nitrogen at -196° C (-371° F).

Thawing process

The thawing process of sperm means melting the frozen sperm into a normal state, which is equally essential as freezing sperm. The thermal changes should be avoided to retain the cell’s normal biological activities.

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During the sperm banking 

  • The sperm donation process is done at the sperm bank
  • The donor is sent into the private room with a sterile container with a lid 
  • The donor has to masturbate and collect the semen into the container
  • Then the container is handover to the unique environment

After the sperm banking

  • The sperm sample will be covered carefully, cryopreserved or frozen, and kept for at least 180 days in quarantine. They will check further any infectious diseases.
  • The sperm will be re-evaluated for the expected results quantity, moment, and quality. Some sperm samples are more prone to damage during the cryopreserved process. 
  • If the sperm sample fulfils the quality standards criteria, the person can become a sperm donor.

Why choose Ziva fertility centre for sperm bank in Hyderabad?

Ziva fertility centre is a trusted and leading sperm bank supported fertility centre in Hyderabad that provides the best health care services in the field of reproductive medicine and individualised care and attention for every patient during their journey to parenthood. Ziva fertility centre provides comprehensive testing for male infertility causes, and Ziva specialises in IVF and IUI. Ziva promises to make your experience worthwhile, convenient, and comfortable.

The Ziva fertility centre in Hyderabad is staffed by a highly specialised and experienced team of medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, coordinators, and counsellors. Ziva fertility centre is committed to providing patients with effective, high-quality, and timely care.

  • Best sperm bank in Hyderabad,
  • Twenty-two years of experience in sperm banking.
  • State-of-the-art sperm analysis and semen testing lab 
  • Fertility lab with cutting-edge semen research and analysis technology
  • Evidence-based practice in semen testing
  • Experienced staff in the sperm bank in Hyderabad.
  • State-of-the-art sperm testing and storage facilities
  • Two thousand IVF cycles.
  • World-class semen health care services
  • 5000+ happy families with healthy babies
  • Ethical fertility treatment after sperm analysis.
  • Board-certified sperm lab team 
  • 10,200 ICSI cycles
  • Patient-centric fertility care services
  • 24/7 reachable semen healthcare centre in Hyderabad.

Cost of semen analysis and sperm storage at sperm bank, Ziva fertility centre in Hyderabad

The sperm test and semen storage cost in Hyderabad at Ziva Fertility Centre depends on the initial cost of sperm collection, analysis, and freezing, frequently followed by ongoing storage cost. It is a good idea to ask your insurance companies if they will pay for sperm banks.

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Testimonials for sperm banking at Ziva fertility centre in Hyderabad

Ravi Kumar

Thanks to the Ziva fertility centre, My partner and I could start the family we had always wanted, thanks to one of their incredible sperm donors. We now have a beautiful, healthy baby girl. She is stunning and has completely transformed our world.”

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Sperm bank at Ziva fertility centre in Hyderabad – FAQS

  • What is the maximum duration for storing sperm samples?

The best quality of sperm will never get damaged if it is stored in deep freezing with cryopreservation techniques for many years.

  • Can I bank my own sperm?

Your sperm cannot be frozen naturally at home. To ensure the quality and function, health of your sperm, it requires a specialised sperm banking and ethical semen storage facilities and hygienic procedures. If you’re not comfortable providing a semen sample at a fertility clinic, you might be able to use a home sperm-banking kit. But you have to submit or donate your semen sample as soon as possible to the nearest sperm bank at any Ziva fertility centre in Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

  • Can cryopreserved sperm samples cause birth defects?

Cryopreservation has no adverse effects on the sperm sample. Before being given to the recipient, the samples are duly screened and assessed. Therefore, the likelihood of a congenital disability from a deep freeze sperm sample is the same as that of a child born from a regular sexual encounter.

  • What is the recovery time for sperm donation?

It is best to give semen donation samples at intervals of 48 hours. After you submit your semen sample, there is no waiting period. You can start going back to work or college right away.

  • How to contact the sperm bank in Hyderabad and Secunderabad at Ziva fertility clinics?

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Chat with Ziva fertility clinic’s fertility surgeon: click here.

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