Summer Plan for infertile couples to get pregnant

Most couples look forward to summer since it is vacation time. In India, it is a tradition to visit family during the summer. Also, people plan their vacations to see a nice, cosy hill station where they can escape the heat and spend quality time together. For couples still waiting to have a child, feel the yearning more. Especially if they are visiting relatives’ houses, then naturally, when everyone gathers, the first question will be when are you having a child. Even the couple’s parents will be asking them. At family reunions, one or more relatives could announce that a baby is on the way, which will only increase enquiries about your baby’s plans. When couples go on vacation, there is a chance that they will see babies everywhere. They will see parents enjoying all fun activities with their children. For infertile couples, summers can act as a motivation to take steps to have a child with the myriad of fertility treatments.  

We at ZIVA Fertility Clinics believe that every couple has a fair chance of having a child, and some need extra help. If you decide to start with infertility treatments this summer, then it is essential that you have a good mental space and not be bogged down by worries. So we here at ZIVA Fertility Clinics would like to help you by letting you know about “The summer plan for infertile couples to get pregnant”.

Summer Plan for infertile couples to get pregnant 

Prepare positive responses beforehand: If you are planning to attend a family reunion or visit a relative’s house, expect that there will be enquiries about your baby’s plans beforehand. So be prepared instead of getting caught off-guard. Know that there is no need to avoid or even give rude replies. So one can choose responses like “we are trying”, “we are hoping to expand our family soon”, and “will share the news when it happens”. Additionally, if you know of any family members who have undergone infertility treatment, you can certainly talk with them in private and ask for suggestions.

Choose the company wisely: If you have had an unpleasant experience with a particular group, it is best to avoid them. Remember that your mental health and physical health are related. It has been found that fertility treatments work better when the couple are optimistic. So, there is no harm in avoiding certain people or places if you feel that you might get discouraged. Some people may have good intentions, but unwittingly, they might share stories of failed infertility treatments, which are not helpful. Every couple has their own infertility treatment story, so there is no need to compare.

Find a sound support system: If you are planning fertility treatment this summer, having a supportive partner or spouse is crucial during these times. Feel free to express your emotions with your partner and spend more time doing things you love together.

Acquaint yourself with infertility treatments: Summers need not be about only partying or having fun; it can also mean having time for yourself. You can use your vacation time to inquire about infertility treatments. Research the best fertility clinics and set up counselling services. We at ZIVA Fertility Clinics offer workshops and personal consultations for couples who want to get started on treatments this summer. You will learn how to prepare yourself physically, emotionally and financially. Summer is the perfect time to do outdoor exercises and to be physically active. This helps you to lose weight and in turn, improve the ovulation rates and enhance the implantation chances. Exercise and weight loss are good for sperm parameters too, increasing the chance of conception. So this is a good time to start IVF treatments.

If the summer is getting too stressful, then just put a pause. Go to a spa or on a vacation that provides relaxation and tranquillity. You can also do fun activities as a couple, like trekking, participating in an art class, and going to a health restoration spa. Many couples are dealing with their problems. Please be thankful that infertility is treatable. If you want to start your infertility treatment then this summer is as good as any. You can start with a consultation and go forward from there. For more information, please visit our website or contact us at +91-9100002737 or +91-9392834024.