6 Lifestyle Tweaks to Improve Your Chances of Motherhood

For many couples, getting pregnant is not just a desire but an expectation. When deciding on starting a family, there are certain things to keep into account, like, what drugs both of you have been taking, and how long have you been trying to have a baby. Delay in pregnancy doesn’t always equal to infertility, though. Generally, the delay could be because of their lifestyle. Once you and your partner decide to try getting pregnant, it is paramount that you begin making changes in your life while trying to have a baby.

Finding ways to boost infertility is not a big puzzle, it certainly can be achieved without any professional supervision. These tips are not only designed to help women but also men will benefit more from a lifestyle tweak.

  1. Healthy Eating Habits

Today, trying out a variety of food every day has become an utmost trend. Alas, this eating habit of ingesting food with bad fats not only compromises a person’s lifespan but can also result in unfavourable fertility conditions. Eating a balanced diet that contains fibre-rich food that also has appropriate amounts of trans fats increases fertility. Add proteins, and tones of leafy vegetables to the platter to increase your probability of getting pregnant.

  • Regular Exercise

Studies have shown that people who are overweight have more difficulty with conception. Shedding even a few pounds would do the trick. Obesity in males, makes the levels of testosterone go up, which in turn causes low sperm motility. People who are underweight aren’t far from same, either. Body strength is as tied up to carry out pregnancy as healthy fertility. In both conditions, couples are required to do some kind of exercise to keep their cholesterol and other health issues in check. Regularly exercising will boost your fertility fivefold, and keep you healthy at best.

  • Make Time for Sleep

Sleep is vital for the body and essential for balancing hormone levels. A good night’s sleep is especially important for healthy leptin production, a hormone that helps regulate ovulation. Get 7-8 hours rest each night.

  • Limited Beverage Consumption

Alcohol, a common way of a human’s indulgence, is a major culprit behind deposits of fat in your body. Not just bad for the body, excess amount of alcohol consumption can make a woman near infertile, and reduce sperm count in men by a great deal. Consuming alcohol amounts that are moderate and below is fine. But to increase any chance of getting pregnant, you need to cut alcohol out entirely.

  • Stress Reduction

Stress is that monster that puts a strain on every nerve ending of your body, that tends to throw everything you care about off-balance. Meditate as much as you can every morning right after waking up. Meditation is an excellent stress buster. A stress-free body ovulates appropriately and generates healthy sperms.

  • Watch Your Weight

Being overweight or obese is strongly linked to conception difficulties. It can disrupt hormone balance and, in some cases, stop ovulation altogether. Make sure your partner is keeping his weight down too as being overweight can lower sperm count. Being underweight can also affect hormone production and can make it difficult to carry out a successful pregnancy. Maintain your BMI between 22 and 24.9.

If infertility is not the cause of you not being able to conceive, it’s the lifestyle you’re living. You are the only one who can make your dream of becoming a parent come true. Adopting a healthy lifestyle gives you increased fertility that subsequently leads to a healthy baby.

If your trial period of conception exceeds more than twelve months, and you still haven’t heard the good news yet, then maybe you need professional help. Try getting your OB/GYN’s insight into the matter if you fear infertility issues. Contact us at 9100002737, 9886502167 or visit our website www.zivafertility.com