Abortion Can Sometimes Cause Infertility

A number of women are opting for abortion treatments to terminate pregnancy and there has also been a tremendous development in the industry when it comes to treatment options. Abortion treatments have become a lot more safer with minimum risk when compared to the past. Elective abortion does not cause infertility or risk of premature births in a lot of cases but studies show that there can sometimes be a link between abortion and infertility. 

There is a possibility of  risk towards infertility and future pregnancies if a womb infection is not treated properly. The infection might spread into the ovaries and fallopian tubes which can then lead to further complications. This is known as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). This can cause ectopic pregnancy where the egg or fetus develops outside the womb. 

The risk of infertility caused due to a prior abortion procedure depends on the kind of treatment that was used. 

Medical Abortion:  Drug is taken in early pregnancy to prematurely to stop the feotus from growing. Medicinal premature births don’t seem to build the danger of future pregnancy intricacies. 

Surgical Abortion: A surgery expels the feotus from the uterus through the vagina. It’s regularly done utilizing suction and a sharp, spoon-formed device (curet). Once in a while, this can cause scarring of the uterine divider (Asherman disorder), which may make it hard to get pregnant. Ladies who have multiple premature birth abortion treatments methods may likewise have more danger of injury to the cervix.

It is important to approach hospitals with proper facilities and specialised doctors to minimise such risk. If there is a possibility of such a risk then immediately approach a fertility doctor. We at Ziva look at your complete medical history and profile when it comes to treating infertility related issues. We ensure expert care to treat the ailment in the best and safest way possible.