In Vitro Fertilisation – Emotions and Coping Techniques

Once  a woman decides to go for in vitro fertilisation or IVF, she may either feel relieved that something is finally happening for her or she may fear the physical implications and interventions.

But the most difficult part of the treatment is the ‘two week waiting’, waiting for the results. The days seem to drag on and it is often a time of acute vulnerability and sensitivity.

Following are the common emotions and reactions during the ‘two week wait’: 

-First and foremost, there is trepidation, uncertainty and pessimism.

-A woman might start feeling like her emotions are more intense, she may feel vulnerable, sad, anxious or angrier than usual.

-It gets difficult to concentrate on ordinary life, she might start losing interest in things she otherwise enjoyed.

-She might stay at home more, avoid going out where she may have to encounter friends, family, pregnant women and children.

-She might start avoiding her partner. Or start arguing more with the partner, over issues that earlier seemed trivial.

-To add to all the above there are feelings of anxiety, irritability, physical changes like bloating, frequent headaches et cetera.

Here are some ways to cope with the ‘two week wait’:

-No matter what you do, avoid pregnancy tests, the chances of a positive result before a late period are very slim. Often, even the medications can give a false positive result.

-Try not to obsess over the pregnancy symptoms, feeling pregnant doesn’t necessarily mean you are. Stay hopeful but don’t obsess.

-Allow yourself only 15 to 30 minutes to think about pregnancy, write how you feel, do pregnancy research or even discuss it with your partner, friends and family. Don’t let the pregnancy thoughts consume you.

-Try your best to stay busy. This may mean working slightly more, going out more, planning meaningful distractions.

-Try some relaxing techniques, like relaxing exercises, meditation et cetera.

Along with the above coping techniques, it always helps to take up counselling prior to and post IVF treatments.

In these situations a counsellor can help you cope and deal with the stress and emotions involved in trying to achieve pregnancy.

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