The Aftermath Of Infertility Diagnosis

Everyone’s reaction to the diagnosis of infertility is different, but the question in their minds is always the same, ‘WHY ME?’, in bold, capital letters.

First the shock and denial sets in, then comes the anger and frustration, followed by worry, anxiety and panic along with isolation, and in the end there’s profound grief and loss of hope. All these emotions are understandable, but through all this, it is the strength and intensity of the emotional impact that takes most people by surprise. 

Let’s try to comprehend what each emotion arising from the diagnosis of infertility means.

Shock And Denial:

This is a feeling of numbness, of helplessness, of not knowing what to do. It is also a sense that maybe the diagnosis is not true. 

Anger And Frustration:

This is when the person starts feeling angry. Angry at family, friends who conceive successfully and most of all anger at themselves with ‘Why is this happening to me?’ Or ‘Am I cursed?’ playing in their minds on repeat. 

Worry, Anxiety And Panic:

There is a sense of confusion, all thoughts are scattered. One doesn’t understand what to do, keep questioning themselves ‘What next?’.


The person involuntary ends up feeling isolated or isolating from their partner, family, friends and from society. 

Profound Grief And Sense Of Loss:

There are many aspects of grief covering loss of pregnancy, loss of motherhood and fatherhood that can continue through all stages of infertility.

Reaction and coping mechanism with respect to every emotion differs and is influenced by factors like how you have responses to past situations of stress, how you interpret the situation, other events taking place in your life and most important the support system in your life.

While all of your emotions are perfectly normal in the face of such a major life crisis, it is important that you do not let these feelings go on for too long or allow them to negatively affect how you manage and cope with everyday life.

Learning to recognise and manage your emotional and mental health about infertility is as crucial as your physical health, and it is important to realise that if you are unable to cope with the emotions despite the support of your partner, friends and family then it is perfectly normal to seek professional help for the same.

Consult our fertility psychologist at Ziva Fertility to help you cope with the diagnosis of infertility.