We feel very happy with our treatment at Ziva Fertility. We were desperately trying to conceive a baby for many years. We have gone to many clinics in our home town which was of no use. Finally, we got a chance to come to the Andrology Institute of Androcare by the suggestion of the Doctor Surendra Reddy Banka. We were referred to Ziva Fertility and started our treatment here. Now our treatment is over and has got positive in Blood Test. A special thanks to Dr Aradhya who helped us in this crucial journey and being friendly. Thanks to the nurses and remaining staff of Ziva.

–Mrs Uma Bharathi bungali

My name is Fatima Jama, age 41. I have visited Ziva fertility to have a baby. I had multiple fibroids & my chances to conceive were very low. Dr Aradhya explained to me everything in detail & started my treatment. For 6 months I have been treated for fibroids to reduce & my embryo transfer is done.In my first IVF attempt, my pregnancy is positive and it’s like a miracle for me. I am very happy with all the staff who made me feel at home.

Thank you Ziva & Dr Aradhya.

–Mrs Jama Fatima Mohamud

I would like to thank Ziva embryology and fertility institute for giving this opportunity to be happy in my life and make my family happy too.I am very grateful for this chance. I am so happy to get pregnancy and best quality service at Ziva hospital.

I wish all the best and to continue good service to society.


My name is Mr Yahye. I am very happy because my wife is pregnant.She got her fertility treatment done. We are happy that our doctor is Aradhya Achuri.

We appreciate  Ziva fertility and entire staff. I and my wife are thankful for Ziva fertility for our lifetime.                                            

–Mrs. Fardowsa kalar abdiwahab p

We are from Somalia. My wife age is 35. Ovarian reserve is less but still, we wanted to give it a try. Due to poor response, we couldn’t continue treatment.Dr Aradhya & all staff are very friendly. Everyone took good care of us. They were understanding & give good advise.

Thank you dr. Aradhya & Ziva hospital for being very understanding & helping us in our journey.                                                      

–Mrs Shukri Mohamud shekhow

I came to Ziva with unexplained fertility issues. I’m so desperate to become pregnant, I heard above Ziva though my well-wishers and came to Ziva on Feb 21st 2020. By March 23rd 2020 I got a positive result I’m so happy about being pregnant in just one cycle. I really appreciate Dr Aradhya madam for her support and dedication towards me. All the staff here are so welcoming and full of positive vibes. And also, I sincerely thank Dr Suvarchala madam, Dr Aradhya, Dr Swetha reddy for their support and care towards me. and also, I thank Dr Pushpa, for her Psychological counselling which helped me to overcome my stress during the waiting period.                                            

Thanking you,                                           



HI, I M. KEERTHI, Married almost 4 years back and trying to conceive from past 3 years and I have consulted one, two doctors in Hyderabad as well as my native place but there was no result. But one day, one of my friend who is also doing her M.B.B.S in Nellore referred us to the Ziva fertility clinic, My friend’s sister was one of the Ziva patients who got successful results from Ziva, So we decided to try at Ziva and which also gave us happy results. I was done laparoscopy on July 2019 and we took gap from treatment after surgery, after surgery we made happy result by IUI procedure, In the 2nd attempt we got success and we were so happy for all these things to happen Dr Aradhya madam played a very important role, Who is very patient in dealing patients, Even Dr Swetha madam also done very good coordination with Aradhya mam. Even the staff are very sweet at receiving their patients and as well as attending their duties. Finally, I would thank Dr Pushpa too who motivated us all the time and guiding us.                                                                   

Thanks, –Mrs Keerthi .m

 To start with we had many attempts for a successful pregnancy before we started at Ziva. We had tried multiple procedures / Doctor like IUI, normal way etc.

Once we approached Ziva we thought we will have to repeat the same journey like before and were not so hopeful, but natural cycle we had to try as well to try our luck.

We want to say that Ziva has given a very good start by going good counselling, awareness, Practical thinking etc. Before starting any process, this helps when someone is not internally convinced.

Now after 3-4 months journey with Ziva we want to share that it was very convincing and gave us positive hope/insight towards our goal.

The staff and counsellor gave us hope and now we are one of those hopeful people who got their dream fulfilled. Many thanks to Ziva doctor and staff/counsellors who gave us very good support in our journey to reach this stage.                                                   

Thank you , Anonymous

We are Happy to Visit Ziva Fertility & Andrology Centre. My Name is Mr Ayub Mohamud Mohamed Husband of Mrs Nasteho Abdi Elmi. We are truly grateful for the Terrific Job Done by Ziva Fertility Center and their Staff. Especially our Esteemed Doctors, Dr Aradhya And Dr Suvarchala Who Played A Significant Role In our Pregnancy.

I Cannot stop to express my gratitude to all the staff members at the Clinic. From security guards to receptionists to the Doctors. My wife’s dream of Conceiving and Getting Pregnant is finally fulfilled by the Excellent Team at Ziva fertility Cen

 Sincerely Thank You  ,

  –Mr Ayub Mohamud 

Firstly, before sharing my experience with Ziva.  I want to thank “Dr Aradhya mam” & Dr Suvarchala mam & everybody like sisters Prameela, Deepika – Coach – Dr Archana & Dr Lavanya, front desk- Sridevi & Jyothi & Pushpa mam.

This one is different from other hospitals in my opinion because everybody is friendly which is a very important thing & all are very supportive & personable.I will definitely recommend to my friends & others who are looking for fertility treatment.

Finally, I’m pregnant and that makes me extremely happy.

 From , MRS. Pavani Katakam

Ziva Fertility is Good. We would recommend to others to Ziva Fertility. We like the way you receive us.Thank you Dr Aradhya mam for making my dreams true. Thank you Dr Puhpa & Prameela sister for taking special care                                                                                                            


We are happy for the successful treatment at Ziva. Throughout the treatment, the team was supportive & cooperated very well.Very much thankful to the entire Ziva team, or creating a homely environment & pleasant experience throughout the treatment.

Wishing Ziva with many more successful endeavours, Special thanks to front desk team, & Prameela for extended support.

“Hope delivered” ,Anonymous

I visited Ziva fertility on 16th may 2020 for fertility treatment with lost hopes and many doubts. All the staff are very friendly and Dr Aradhya Garu was very skilful and explained the possibilities to us. We were confused about what treatment to choose IUI or IVF ?, We happened to have a counselling session with psychological counsellor Dr.Pushpa and we got clarity to most of our doubts and fears. We decided to try for 2-3 attempts of IUI and if it doesn’t work then to go with IVF. To our surprise the first IUI attempt is successful. We are very much thankful to Dr Aradhya Garu who made our dream come true. It proves that doctors are gods. If we are blessed with a baby girl. I would like to name her Aradhya.

Thank you so much

Kalpana. M

I am very happy that we choose Ziva.

Dr.Aradhya is very friendly and professional. Staff at reception are very courteous. Sessions with Psychologist are very helpful before, during and after the treatment. Because we will have many fears and anxieties. We wholeheartedly thank all the staff for there cooperation.


Highly skilled doctors and very supportive and concerned staff. Dr Aradhya and Dr Suvarchla thank you for helping us.

A ray of hope that will lead to starting a wonderful family within the hands of ZIVA.


We are from outside India. We came to India for getting fertility treatment. We got to know about Ziva fertility and approached them. We are extremely happy that we choose Ziva fertility.Out IVF treatment is successful and we are extremely happy now and going back to our country.

Thank you Ziva fertility and All the staff. Dr Aradhya is a very skilled and empathetic doctor.

Thank you so much. –Mohamad.