Top 10 Post care tips for a successful IUI treatment in Hyderabad

Most couples dream of a healthy and happy child for themselves, and owing to the modern lifestyle, this remains a dream for several couples. However, with advanced medical sciences, many couples can successfully conceive through various ARTs (Assisted Reproductive Techniques). Amongst all the ARTs, IUI has been successful in helping couples with issues conceive a child of their own. 

What is an IUI procedure, and how does it work?

IUI is an infertility treatment in which the sperm is placed into a woman’s uterus. Sperm is inserted into the uterus beyond the cervix. This shortens the sperm travel time. If the sperm meets the egg sooner, the chances of conception increase drastically.

The choice of ART is highly dependent on the cause of infertility. IUI is suggested in the following cases:-

  • If women have ovulation issues.
  • Women facing issues with fallopian tubes or cervical muscle abnormalities
  • If the male partner has ejaculatory dysfunction and erectile dysfunction.

Top 10 Post care tips for a successful IUI treatment in Hyderabad

After the IUI procedure is completed, the chances of a successful pregnancy depend on the aftercare the couple takes, especially the female partner. 

  • Stay away from painkillers

One should immediately stop taking painkillers after an IUI procedure. Most women experience cramping after an IUI and plan on consuming painkillers. Painkillers reduce your chances of becoming pregnant, and if you have severe cramps and cannot bear the pain, seek medical attention first. Follow the methods as suggested by your doctor. 

  1. Stay relaxed and calm

One has to maintain a positive attitude throughout the IUI aftercare period. Stress disturbs the hormones and reduces your likelihood of becoming pregnant. Surround yourself with peace, calm and quiet. Based on your psychological condition, some hormones and internal functions are affected. Any stress can impact the IUI treatment. Anxiety about the results will only be more stressful. Consider the good moments and divert your attention by engaging in other activities that make you happy. Also, look out for the entertainment you are consuming. It should be relaxing and should have a calming effect on you and your partner. 

  • Rest properly

You must get enough sleep while expecting fertilisation. This helps your body’s overall metabolism, keeping it fit and healthy. Being well-rested will help you feel less stressed, which is strongly avoided during the IUI treatment.

  1. Follow these dietary guidelines

After a successful IUI treatment in Hyderabad, please reduce your coffee, tea, or caffeine consumption. Excess caffeine reduces your likelihood of becoming pregnant. One should also stay away from uncooked or raw foods. Consuming uncooked foods could lead to infection and indigestion, which can hamper pregnancy. Also, eat soft, easily digestible fresh foods. Stay away from sugary beverages, processed foods. Consult your doctor about consuming fruits like pineapple and papaya, as they serve as blood thinners and disintegrate the endometrial layer.
  1. Do not do heavy work like lifting heavy objects

After a successful IUI treatment in Hyderabad, please do not lift any 4–5 kilograms of object, as it could lead to cramps. Cramps can damage the uterine lining. A damaged uterine lining reduces the effectiveness or outcomes of IUI treatment.

  1. Stay away from drinking and smoking

After a successful IUI treatment, alcohol consumption and smoking significantly impact fertility and reduce pregnancy chances. Even after a successful pregnancy, If the female consumes drugs, drinks, or smokes, it can lead to pregnancy complications and abnormal growth and deformity in her child. 

  1. Consume medication regularly

After a successful IUI treatment, you may need to take some medications to enhance your likelihood of fertilisation. So be vigilant about using prescription medicines during the care period after IUI treatment.

  1. Moderate workout

Though a good practice is to exercise during the after-IUI care period, only do light exercises such as walking and never lift weights. Yoga under supervision and light stretching is the best form of exercise during the IUI procedure aftercare.

  • Be careful in public places.

If you are going to a highly crowded public place or places with a scope for infections, please be careful. If you are used to swimming, avoid it due to the risk of infection, and swimming must be strictly avoided until two days after IUI treatment.

  • Sleeping position

Rest after a successful IUI treatment is a must. The best sleeping positions are on the side or directly on the back can increase the success rate of IUI. After undergoing IUI avoid sleeping on your stomach.

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