Top 3 FAQs about the cost of freezing your eggs

Egg freezing is the most viable option for women in the age group of 21-40 years who wish to have a baby at a later age, maybe after 35. Thankfully in India, there are many quality egg-freezing centers accessible to everyone. Apart from the obvious reason for wanting to have children at a later age, there are many other reasons for women wanting to freeze their eggs. The main reason is if they are undergoing some medical procedures like surgery, which might cause infertility, radiation or chemotherapy.  

Egg freezing means retrieving and freezing eggs from the woman’s ovaries and using them later when the woman is ready for pregnancy. When it is time to use the eggs, they are harvested, frozen, thawed and then fertilised in the laboratory to make embryos that are placed in the woman’s uterus. The process is also referred to as egg banking, egg cryopreservation, and oocyte cryopreservation.

So we understand that egg freezing can be a life-altering decision for women, so it is natural to be curious about the price of this procedure and the factors that affect it. In this blog, we will understand the top 3 FAQs about the cost of freezing your eggs.

FAQ – 1 What are the factors affecting egg freezing cost?

There might be some specific aspects individual to everyone about the egg freezing cost. However, we are highlighting a few of the important factors:

Choice of the clinic: A good egg-freezing centre will maintain high standards in egg-freezing and adhere to all the protocols; hence It is an important factor in determining the cost of the egg-freezing procedure. Not just the egg freezing procedure but the facilities offered to the patient also play a role in determining the cost.

Cost of lab tests: before collecting the eggs, some diagnostic tests, such as blood tests and  ultrasound, to check the women’s ovarian reserve are performed. These costs certainly determine the final egg-freezing price.

Medication cost: For ovarian stimulation and to promote ovulation, injectable hormonal medications are given. These medications will initiate the final egg maturation process before retrieval and freezing. 

Experience of fertility specialists: One should be in the hands of an experienced fertility specialist since this is a very sensitive procedure. Experienced fertility will make the entire process smooth. Hence, they will charge more as compared to less experienced fertility specialists.

Quantity of the eggs being frozen: The decision on the number of eggs that need to be frozen depends on the number of offspring that one would want, the woman’s age at the time of freezing, and the number of matured that could be retrieved during the freezing procedure. So it is clear that the more eggs that need to be preserved, the more the cost will increase.

Existing health condition: If you have issues such as thyroid, polyps or fibroids in the uterus, fallopian damage, or blockages, this complicates the egg-freezing procedure and may also increase the procedure cost.

Compared to other countries, freezing your eggs is cheaper in India. For the quality of services offered, the cost of freezing your eggs is justified. 

Followed Procedures What is included
Initial Screening Fertility hormone test & health check
Ovarian stimulation Injections & Medications
Cycle Monitoring USG, Hormone tests, Consultation
Surgical Procedure Egg retrieval under anaesthesia
IVF laboratory Egg screening
Cryofreezing Freezing & maintenance

FAQ – 2 Is it worth bearing the cost of freezing the eggs?

Depending on the age of the women, the success rates of live births vary. The statistics below will give an accurate picture of the success rates of egg freezing, and then you can decide on bearing the cost of freezing your eggs.

Age Chance of at least one live birth
18 and 25 years  90% to 99% 
25 and 30 years 80% to 90%.
30 and 35 years 75% to 85% 
35 and 40 years  60% to 65% 
40 and 45 years 50% to 60% 

FAQ – 3 Who should freeze the eggs, so they can know about the cost of freezing them?

  • Women who wish to conceive children in the future and wish to preserve their fertility till then. 
  • Women who would first like to fulfil their educational, career, or other personal goals before childbearing. 
  • Women who have to undergo cancer treatment such as chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation treatment. 
  • In an IVF process, ovarian stimulation is done; hence more mature eggs are retrieved. But the couple may not want to utilize all the unfertilised eggs yet and would want to use them at a later age to have children. In such cases also, the eggs are frozen.
  • If early menopause or premature ovarian failure runs in the family history of the female, then freezing your eggs is a good option to preserve eggs before they are all depleted.

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