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Ziva fertilityy centre is one of Hyderabad’s leading fertility centres, with branches in Manikonda, Banjara Hills, Kompally, Sanath Nagar, and Langar Houz. All these Ziva fertilityy centres are providing best IUI treatment in Hyderabad and Secunderabad at an affordable IUI cost to the patients. Ziva’s IUI treatment is used to treat infertility problems, which helps in the conception process for couples with problems conceiving. Ziva’s IUI procedure aims to deliver a high quantity and quality sperm into the fallopian tube to maximise the chances of conception.

Ziva IUI fertility centre is committed to providing excellent and ethical reproductive health care to women in all aspects of reproductive health. The Ziva fertilityy centre provides female fertility treatment that meet national and international quality fertility treatment standards. All Ziva IUI centres are staffed with IUI doctors in Hyderabad, experienced IUI fertility specialists, qualified obstetricians, gynaecologists, andrologists, urologists, laboratory technicians, and support staff who are highly experienced and well-trained in female reproductive health care, medicine and fertility lab tests.

All Ziva fertilityy centres are women fertility centres for IVF, IUI ICSI treatment in Hyderabad as supported by state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and provide the best fertility treatment options for childless couples and research and development activities to ensure the best chances of pregnancy.

Ziva Fertilityy is the best IUI hospital in Hyderabad, providing comprehensive and customised female fertility care to everyone with parenthood and fertility goals. 

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Best IUI Treatment in Hyderabad at Ziva fertilityy clinics 

The simplest method of artificial insemination is called intrauterine insemination or IUI. In an IUI cycle, the male sperm is injected into the female to increase the likelihood of conception. IUI aims to bring the sperm and the egg close together so they might unite by timing the procedure simultaneously as ovulation. IUI is a successful procedure, especially when the female partner has been identified as having low sperm reserves.

Reasons for IUI treatment 

  • Female humoral anti-sperm antibodies production
  • Infertility in men
  • Any procedure to remove the cervix or cervical disease
  • Severe discomfort during sex
  • Unsuccessful use of fertility medications
  • Irregular or absent ovulation cycle in female
  • Low sperm count
  • Problems with ejaculation
  • Mild cervical problems
  • Endometriosis is a partner who is a little older than you.
  • Tubal disease
  • Mild endometriosis

IUI treatment procedure 

The IUI procedure appears straightforward and painless. But as a novice, you might experience some anxiety. Therefore, being aware of the procedure can help you prepare properly. We follow the three steps during the IUI process. 

Step 1

Collecting the sperm,  the Doctor would contain a small amount of sperm for the procedure. It is obtained through masturbation which is similar to the process of sperm analysis.

Step 2 

Semen washing, more than just sperm, is found in a human’s semen. It also includes protein, vitamins, and other essential ingredients. Therefore your Doctor will cut out anything unnecessary from the procedure before starting. The washing process is what’s called for here. 

Step 3 

Insertion of the Catheter, Through a small, lightweight tube called a catheter, a processed sample containing only excellent quality motile sperm is inserted into the uterine cavity. You’ll need to recline on an exam table with your legs raised in stirrups. The Doctor will first insert a speculum into the vagina and attach a catheter to a sperm-filled vial.

For couples having trouble getting pregnant, this process significantly increases their chances of becoming pregnant. It is a quick, easy process that doesn’t require any anaesthesia. Although the procedure is not painful, it could still result in minor cramping. Injections may also be administered as part of your IUI procedure to stimulate the release of eggs from your ovaries. This process is done right before ovulation to bring the fertile sperm closer to your egg.

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Do’s after IUI treatment | Advice of IUI doctors in Hyderabad

  • Take rest
  • Eat healthy diet
  • Stay positive
  • Do light exercise 
  • Visit the Doctor
  • Take prescribed medicines

Don’ts after IUI treatment | Advice of IUI doctors in Hyderabad

  • Don’t take pain relief medicines 
  • Do not take the stress
  • Avoid heavy lifting 
  • Avoid swimming
  • Don’t expose yourself to harmful radiation
  • Do not smoke or drink

IUI treatment cost in Hyderabad | Ziva fertilityy clinics 

Enquire now your IUI treatment cost in hyderabad and Secunderabad at all ZIva IUI centres. The IUI treatment price varies from location to location, depending on where you stay and what you need specifically. If you and your partner are a good candidate for IUI, it should be your top choice when looking at fertility treatments other than fertility drugs. This is so because IUI is simpler to carry out than other forms of assisted reproduction. IUI is very inexpensive in India, but the price varies from clinic to clinic, depending on the location.

IUI procedures are even covered by insurance in some cities, depending on the coverage, and they may even be less expensive. Along with other fees, the price varies depending on the factors like the use of fertility medications, blood work, ultrasounds, and the procedure itself.

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Why choose Ziva fertilityy centre for IUI treatment in Hyderabad?

Ziva fertilityy centre is one of the leading fertility IUI clinics in Hyderabad, providing the best women fertility care, IVF, IUI, ICSI treatment in Hyderabad female fertility services, women reproductive medicine and individualised care and attention for every patient during the journey to parenthood. 

The Ziva fertilityy centre in Hyderabad is staffed by IUI specialists in Hyderabad, a highly specialised and experienced team of medical professionals, including fertility doctors, coordinators, and counsellors. Ziva IUI centers are committed to providing patients with effective, high-quality, and timely care during your IUI treatment in Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

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Testimonials for IUI treatment in Hyderabad at Ziva fertilityy centres Prashanthi  For years, being infertile made me feel less like a woman. Until I visited the Ziva fertilityy centre. The doctors explained my condition and recommended the best IUI treatment. I am glad that Ziva’s IUI treatment healed me, and my newborn child is living proof of that. As a result of the Ziva fertilityy centre, my husband and I can now be the proud parents of a baby girl, all thanks to the Doctor and staff of Ziva fertilityy centre. Click here to read more success stories of the patients for IUI treatment in Hyderabad at Ziva fertilityy IUI centre.  Best IUI treatment in Hyderabad at Ziva fertilityy IUI centres – FAQS
  • How long will it take for IUI results to appear?
Your body may retain the HCG shot given to you before IUI for up to 14 days which could cause a false positive result. Therefore, you should hold off on testing for success for at least two weeks. 
  • What causes female infertility?
  • Age
  • Endometriosis
  • Hormonal issues leading to ovulation problems
  • Tubal blockage
  • Fibroids
  • Lifestyle factors: Being overweight, smoking, drinking alcohol, unhealthy diet
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Is it a good idea to abstain before IUI?
A male should wait 2 to 3 days before depositing his sample before engaging in intercourse or ejaculating. This ensures that the model has the highest possible sperm count and motility.
  • What is the success rate of IUI treatment at Ziva fertilityy centre?
The Ziva fertilityy team has achieved an incredible pregnancy success rate using the IUI treatment technique. Our fertility specialists have helped thousands of couples realise their dream of becoming parents through IUI treatment. For the first three cycles, IUI success rates are around 16.4 per cent.
  • How to get in contact for best IUI treatment in Hyderabad at the Ziva fertilityy clinic in Hyderabad?
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