TESA treatment for parenthood: Learn everything you need to know!

TESA IVF is a fertility treatment that has become quite popular recently, especially for couples suffering from male infertility. TESA treatment for parenthood is of great help for men with fertility issues. TESA is performed on azoospermic patients. Men lacking sperm in their semen are identified with a medical term called Azoospermia. This can make […]

Non-obstructive azoospermia: You can become a father now!

Having a natural and safe pregnancy is the dream of every couple. This dream is a culmination of many factors in both men and women. Azoospermia is a male condition which can create a hurdle in achieving a natural pregnancy.  What is Non‐obstructive azoospermia (NOA)  Azoospermia, in general, means the total absence of sperm in […]

Will my abortion affect our parenthood and female fertility?

When a couple decides to get pregnant, every little thing of their past becomes potential fodder to worry about. A few of the things that couples worry about are:- Medical history  Sexual history Male and female partners’ age  Lifestyle habits Earlier miscarriages Previous abortions, if any One hopes that none of their past choices will […]

How can I increase my fertility after 30-32?

More and more couples in India and abroad are opting to start a family after they are professionally, financially and personally settled in life. Many couples want to travel and enjoy life before embarking on parenthood. The modern way of living has brought tremendous lifestyle changes, including our dietary habits and exercise routines. Combining these […]