Infertility in Couples: Why Couples Should opt for IVF Treatment

Environmental, social and personal lifestyles are all affecting Infertility. But many couples are still enjoying the bliss of a baby with the help of many modern scientific advancements. ART – Assisted Reproductive techniques like IVF and ICSI to help combat infertility and allow couples to be blessed with a baby. Having the right awareness about […]

What infertile patients should know about Ovarian Function Test

There is a fundamental shift in society when it comes to conceiving. The main change is that women are planning parenthood at a later age once they have an established career. However, there is a caveat here, since fertility reduces as age advances. The most fertile period is before 30, and in their mid-30s, fertility […]

Myths and Facts of Embryo Transfer

In an embryo transfer, fertilizing the egg and sperm happens in the laboratory, and the resultant embryo is reintroduced into the uterus. Did you know that it was in 1978 that biologist Bob Edwards and gynaecologist Patrick Steptoe aided in the conception of the first test tube baby Louise Brown using in vitro fertilization (IVF)? […]

Can you be infertile for no reason?

Bringing a baby is one of the most joyous events in a couple‚Äôs life. Even after trying for 6 months to a year, if a couple cannot conceive, they are advised to consult a fertility specialist. The fertility specialist will thoroughly examine the couple, conduct diagnostics and proceed with treatment. However, even after undergoing all […]

Why is Ziva Fertility Center is the Best Fertility Center in Banjara Hills?

We are delighted to announce that Ziva is the best fertility center in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, and we are proud to present that we have a success rate of over 70%. We cater for IVF, IUI, female infertility and male infertility treatments. Our specialities include conventional infertility treatments and advanced best-in-quality fertility treatments with high […]