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Ziva fertilityy clinic is one of the leading fertility hospitals in Hyderabad, Telangana. The Ziva fertilityy centre offers a quality DNA fragmentation index (DFI) sperm analysis test for finding the quality or quantity of the sperm that causes of male infertility. 

DNA fragmentation test, also known as sperm quality testing, examines the inside of your sperm to determine its quality. A DNA fragmentation analysis test is most useful because it detects DNA damage in sperm. The poor quality sperm, lower number of sperm and DNA fragmentation are the possible causes of male infertility. 

Ziva fertilityy clinic fertility specialists are professionals including medically qualified obstetricians, gynaecologists, andrologists, urologists, laboratory technicians, and support staff are highly experienced and well-trained in men’s reproductive health care and medicine. All the Ziva fertilityy centres are equipped with state-of-the-art fertility technology and world-class infertility research and analysis infrastructure. The Ziva fertilityy clinic was founded to provide best-in-quality fertility treatments to make men and women happier with infertility treatments.

Ziva Fertilityy Clinic strives to provide the highest quality fertility options for childless couples as well as research and development activities to ensure the best possible chances of success. The Ziva fertilityy clinic creates a warm and non-judgemental environment with a passion for delivering comfort, confidence, and excellence. 

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DNA Fragmentation Index(DFI)

Your sperm quality and integrity are critical factors in determining its motility, concentration, and morphology. However, the DNA fragmentation index (DIF) is a superior diagnostic and prognostic tool used to assess the degree of sperm fragmentation. The procedure yields far superior results than traditional tests, detecting details that conventional methods cannot detect. 

Deoxyribonucleic acid is referred to as DNA. It is a substance found in all living organisms, including sperm. DNA is the genetic information carrier. As the name implies, A DNA fragment may indicate a problem with the genetic composition of the sperm.  

Conditions for male patients who can benefit from a sperm DNA fragmentation test. 

  • Unexplained infertility
  • Arrested embryo growth
  • Poor blastocyst growth
  • Multiple unsuccessful IVF/ICSI treatment methods.
  • Miscarriage in a spouse on a regular basis
  • Advanced age bracket
  • Varicoceles
  • Poor semen criteria

Sperm DNA Fragmentation Causes

  • Infection 
  • High fever
  • Obesity
  • Drug usage 
  • Smoking
  • Poor  eating habits
  • Exposure to high levels of pollutants
  • Exposure to chemicals and radiations
  • Testicular cancer

What exactly is the DNA fragmentation evaluation?

Since sperm fragmentation deals with the DNA or the genetic material of the sperm, a mere semen analysis is not enough to detect the abnormalities. Some tests are designed for the same purpose. One of the most commonly used tests is SCSA. SCSA stands for Sperm Chromatin Structure Analysis. In this test, a sperm will come into contact with the other chemical dye. In that process, if the sperm is broken, then the DNA turns red. And if the sperm is healthy and normal, then the DNA turns green. So, the ratio of the red and green sperm cells will be calculated with the help of specially built software and computers. In this way, the DNA fragmentation index is calculated

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 Preparation for DFI test

The DNA fragmentation index of sperm (DFI) is calculated using a simple test similar to a standard sperm evaluation.

  • Semen Procurement 

The process begins with the collection and analysis of a male partner’s sperm sample.

  • Sperm evaluation 

The semen sample is evaluated by our specialised team of embryologists by subjecting it to a variety of cutting-edge diagnostic tests to gauge the level of sperm DNA fragmentation. An efficient fertility plan can prevent the condition. Should you be told that you have sperm DNA fragmentation, our fertility specialists will have a conversation with you and your partner to determine the best course of action.

Sperm DFI test cost in Hyderabad and Secunderabad

The cost of DNA fragmentation index at Ziva fertilityy centre is offered at an affordable price. 

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DFI Sperm Test (Sperm DNA fragmentation index) and Sperm Analysis | Sperm DFI test | Ziva Fertilityy Centre – FAQS

  • What is DFI normal range?

The following are the fundamental rules for calculating fertility potential: Excellent sperm DNA integrity is 15 percent or less fragmentation. DFI of 15 to 25% is considered good to fair. 25 to 50% DFI – fair to poor.

  • How long does DNA fragmentation results take?

An expert lab technician immediately analyses the semen, and the test results are typically available in 1-2 weeks.

  • What is the success rate at your clinic?

With a success rate of over 70% and with ethical practices, Ziva fertilityy clinic offers world-class fertility medical care and evidence-based protocols for IVF, IUI, and other fertility treatments in reproductive technologies.

  • How to book my sperm analysis test at Ziva fertilityy clinic in Hyderabad?

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