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Ziva fertilityy centre is the best fertility hospital in Hyderabad including Manikonda, Sanath Nagar, Kompally, Langar Houz, and Banjara Hills. Ziva fertilityy centre offers the most advanced microfluidics technology for male sperm analysis at an affordable price. Ziva’s aim is to provide quality, modern reproductive health care that addresses all aspects of make and female infertility. 

Ziva clinics have state-of-the-art fertility technology and world-class equipped fertility laboratories. Ziva clinics aim to deliver comprehensive and individualised fertility care to everyone with parental and reproductive goals. All Ziva fertilityy centres seek to establish a safe and non-judgmental environment to experience comfort, confidence and excellence.

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Microfluidics for sperm analysis at Ziva fertilityy centre

The sperm microfluidics can help to improve understanding of sperm motility. This microfluidics for sperm analysis technique is emerging as a diagnostic alternative for male infertility. In high-speed analysis, the microfluidics technique has been resolved as a swimming pattern of sperms in the bulk fluid. 

Microfluidics can help accelerate this process by offering clinicians and researchers low-cost, high-throughput machines for sperm examination and selection. Microfluidics allows researchers and physicians to pick high-quality sperms faster than traditional approaches. To eliminate human mistakes in manual procedures, microfluidics chips can be automated.

Causes of sperm analysis

The precise reason for decreased sperm motility might differ. Untreated medical issues may exist in confident guys. Sperm motility is significantly influenced by factors related to lifestyle and environment. For instance, smoking has been associated with reducing sperm motility, particularly if a guy smokes more than 10 cigarettes daily. Work-related infertility may affect men who serve in the military and work in occupations that require repetitive stress to the pelvic region, such as painting or driving.

Varicocele is a disorder that happens when veins inside the scrotum grow swollen. This has also been linked to a reduction in sperm motility.

Low sperm motility can also be caused by a problem with male accessory sex gland secretion, which causes the glands to empty more slowly.

Diagnosis of microfluidics for sperm analysis at Ziva fertilityy centre in Hyderabad

A standard sperm analysis can be used to measure sperm motility. You must give at least two sperm samples for the test. Masturbation in a doctor’s office or testing facility is typically used to get these. Getting a sperm sample by having intercourse with a condom or withdrawing is also feasible. The selection must be stored at room temperature and delivered to the facility within 30 to 60 minutes. Low sperm motility is defined as having less than 40% of your sperm that is motile.

  • The health of the male genital tract
  • Accessory organs
  • Ejaculation

Treatment for microfluidics for sperm analysis at Ziva fertilityy centres

Some lifestyle changes may help increase sperm motility for some of male

  • Exercise regularly
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Limit cell phone exposure
  • Reduce alcohol 
  • Quit smoking 

Some substances may also enhance the motility of sperm. For instance, one trusted source discovered a 52% increase in sperm motility in males who used a daily dose of 400 units of vitamin  E and 200 micrograms of selenium for at least 100 days straight. Before taking supplements, discuss them with your doctor and shop wisely. Since supplements are unregulated, you should only purchase them from trustworthy retailers.

Medication like follicle-stimulating hormone or human chorionic gonadotropin may be helpful if the source of the sperm mobility issue is a medical condition like low hormone levels or varicocele. Your doctor may advise surgery in specific circumstances. 

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Ziva fertilityy clinic is one of the leading fertility clinics in Hyderabad, providing the best health care services in the field of reproductive medicine and individualised care and attention for every patient during the journey to parenthood. The Ziva fertilityy clinic provides comprehensive testing for female infertility causes, and Ziva specialises in IVF and IUI. The Ziva fertilityy clinic promises to make your experience worthwhile, convenient, and comfortable.

The Ziva fertilityy clinic in Hyderabad is staffed by a highly specialised and experienced team of medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, coordinators, and counsellors. Ziva fertilityy centre is committed to providing patients with effective, high-quality, timely care.

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Cost of sperm analysis at Ziva fertilityy centre

The cost for sperm analysis at Ziva fertilityy centre is affordable. The sperm test cost will depend on external factors and internal factors, etc.

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Testimonials for microfluidics for sperm analysis at Ziva fertilityy centre in Hyderabad

Satish Varma

Thanks to Ziva fertilityy centre for providing me with the best microfluidics sperm testing services. I’m happy that I consulted Ziva fertilityy centre for my infertility problem about low sperm count; the doctors and staff are very down-to-the-earth and caring. They are outstanding, sincere professionals who are also very helpful and cooperative. We are blessed with a baby girl; we are delighted now. 

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Microfluidics for sperm analysis at Ziva fertilityy centre in Hyderabad-FAQS

  • What do they check in the sperm analysis?

A lab test called a semen analysis measures sperm count, motility, morphology, and other factors. Men may use it to assess their fertility or determine whether their vasectomy was effective.

  • How much sperm is needed for a sperm analysis?

The amount of semen you could supply for your sample will be noted. At least 1.5 millilitres, or roughly half a teaspoon, constitute a typical quantity. If your selection is less than that, it may indicate that your seminal vesicles are either obstructed or not producing enough fluid.

  • What are microfluidics used for?

Capillary electrophoresis, isoelectric focusing, immunoassays, flow cytometry, sample injection in mass spectrometry, PCR amplification, DNA analysis, cell separation and manipulation, and cell patterning are a few techniques that often make use of microfluidic devices.

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