Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

Zivais a renowned Fertility Centre for the best ICSI treatment in Hyderabad. The ICSI procedure is similar to IVF, but the only difference is in the method of achieving fertilization. It is a laboratory procedure in which a fine glass needle is used to pick up a single sperm, and it is placed directly into your egg.

Collection of the sperm can be done naturally or by TESE, MESA, TESA & Micro-TESA. Ziva Fertility’s andrology experts are highly experienced in choosing the best sperm from the sample for the treatment.

How does ICSI work?

Due to some underlying health conditions, the sperm might not have the strength to enter the egg’s outer layers, or sometimes it won’t reach the egg, which is termed infertility. In such cases, the egg can be fertilized through ART procedures like IVF or ICSI process outside in a test tube. 

In the IVF procedure, many swimming sperms and the matured eggs are placed in a petri dish in a laboratory to facilitate fertilization. When the sperm breaks the outer layer and enters the cytoplasm of the egg, fertilization happens.

But in the ICSI process, a selected healthy sperm is directly injected into the egg using a tiny needle under a powerful microscope in the lab. After fertilization, the embryo(fertilized egg) is monitored for growth and development for a few days in a laboratory, and then it is transferred into the mother’s womb. 

ICSI procedure step by step:

Except for the method of fertilization, all the other steps are the same as those in IVF treatment.

  • If necessary, fertility drugs stimulate ovaries for producing more eggs, the same as in the IVF procedure. The experts will collect the eggs through special procedures. The retrieved eggs are either used immediately or frozen to use in future.
  • Meanwhile, the sperm sample is collected, washed, and a single healthy sperm is chosen.
  • This healthy sperm is injected directly into the egg’s cytoplasm called the ICSI treatment process.
  • After the injection process is completed, the fertilized egg is kept under observation for its growth and development.
  • Once the embryo has developed to a certain extent and stage, it is implanted into the uterus aseptically.

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection allows the egg and sperm to come together directly, facilitating fertilization. Sperm that has lower motility or poor morphology might have difficulty achieving this naturally.

When Is ICSI Suggested?

  • In case of severe oligospermia or LSC (low sperm count) in the male partner
  • Poor sperm motility
  • Abnormally sperm shape
  • When fertilization by IVF doesn’t give the desired results
  • When there is obstruction of the efferent duct system in the male partner
  • When the male partner has undergone a vasectomy surgery
  • Antisperm antibodies that restrain the functions of sperm
  • Unsuccessful vasectomy reversal 
  • When women produce a low number of eggs/poor quality eggs
  • When using frozen eggs
  • In cases of unexplained infertility

ICSI is also suggested when women have certain health conditions like tubal defects, uterine anomalies, premature ovarian failure, anovulation, endometriosis, and low ovarian reserves.

ICSI treatment cost in Hyderabad?

Experts say that the cost of the ICSI procedure depends on multiple factors. The ICSI procedure involves multiple cycles and the cost increases as the number of cycles increases. Even the initial ICSI cycle cost can be determined only after evaluating the problem of the couple. However, the average cost of ICSI treatment in Hyderabad is very affordable compared to other cities in India.

The success rate of the ICSI procedure

ICSI is one of the most successful ART procedures among all fertility treatments. ICSI procedures can deliver promising results compared to other fertility procedures. In general, ICSI can fertilize 50-80% of the eggs used in the procedure. However, you should know that no procedure can give a 100% success rate. But one way or the other, we assure better results.

Within a short time, ZIVA has become one of the best centres for intracytoplasmic sperm injection in Hyderabad. We have helped hundreds of couples to become pregnant through the ICSI procedures.

Infertility can affect both men and women, and it’s going to be a hard situation for a couple to handle. However, don’t worry, we ZIVA Fertility is always with you; our fertility specialist in Hyderabad has decades of experience providing various infertility treatments. Hope we can help you out to achieve your dream of having a baby.

What Makes Ziva the Best ICSI Treatment Center in Hyderabad?

ZIVA is the best clinic for ICSI treatment in Hyderabad. We offer the best ART treatments at a lower cost with state-of-the-art equipment and follow international health guidelines. In addition, we have the best designed ICSI Lab with AHU to provide a clean environment to develop the embryo. 

A team of the best doctors and medical staff guides you from the initiation of the treatment till the end. We are renowned for high success rates in the first attempt at ICSI Treatment. We also use high-quality products and medicines to ensure the good health of patients.

An in-house infertility psychologist will help patients cope with stress, marital issues and any other negative thoughts during the whole process. A positive frame of mind in dealing with the infertile couple throughout the treatment process delivers a higher success rate.