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What are the chances of getting pregnant with donor eggs?

With the modern lifestyle and varied career choices, many couples wait until they are in their late 30’s before starting a family. At times, couples find it hard to get pregnant at that age, and especially when women are older than 35 years of age, many complications arise. However, with advanced technologies,  women can now opt for donor eggs to realize their dream of becoming a mother. In this blog, you will understand using donor eggs as a method of conceiving and their success rates.

When Women Must Consider Using Donor Eggs?

The first step would be to have a thorough diagnosis to know where you stand in being in a hospitable environment for a pregnancy. Pregnancy chances with donor eggs are nearly 40%. Using your eggs can be tested for genetic markers, which ensures that no hereditary illnesses are passed along. Saying that does not mean that donor eggs are not tested for anomalies. So when are donor eggs recommended?

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  • Donor eggs are for women who are above 40 years of age and want a baby. Younger women can also consider donor eggs, but only when it is very little to no chance of becoming pregnant through their eggs. 
  • One can use donor eggs if there is a chance of passing down an existing genetic or immune-system disorder.
  • Unable to conceive with own eggs.
  • Single men or homosexual male couples can become parents using donor eggs.

What are the chances of getting pregnant with donor eggs?

As age progresses, the chances of getting pregnant with the woman’s eggs drop significantly. Studies have shown that in women above 40 years of age, there is a 20% chance of pregnancy per cycle by combining donor eggs and IVF. If the woman is above 42 years of age, the chances of pregnancy drop to 10%, and by 43 years, it becomes 5%. For women above 45, pregnancy by egg donation is recommended as their chances of conceiving through their eggs are less than 3%. As age progresses, the chances of pregnancy reduce, and the eggs a woman releases may have a high chance of having abnormal chromosomes. After 40, the chances of having abnormal chromosomes are up to 60%, and after 45 years, it spikes to 90%.

How does donor egg’s success rate vary with age?

Getting pregnant via donor eggs depends largely on the age of the woman. One can use their eggs till the age of 45. When using donor eggs with IVF, the success rate is dependent on the 

  • The donor’s age, 
  • The embryo’s quality, 
  • The number of embryos transferred, 
  • The expecting mother’s uterus health.

With donor eggs up to the age of 42, the chances of pregnancy are as high as 50%.and between 43-45, the probability of pregnancy is between 30%-45%. But after 50 years of age, chances of pregnancy, even with donor eggs, are minimal but possible. Hence clinics don’t recommend the usage of donor eggs beyond the age of 55. 

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Most importantly, ensure that there are no genetic disorders or infections. The number of donor egg cycles required before achieving pregnancy is not a mathematical calculation but very subjective. Suppose the donor’s age and egg quality are extremely high and your uterus is hospitable enough and prepared enough to carry through the pregnancy. In that case, you will likely get pregnant in one cycle. Research shows that by the third cycle, there is a 90% chance of a successful pregnancy. In some cases, women have to wait for four or five cycles to achieve a successful pregnancy.

There can be a lot of benefits in using donor eggs. Women beyond 38 years of age can become mothers, and successful pregnancy can give you a feeling of a genetic connection with the child. But one has to remember that IVF treatments are expensive with donor eggs. At ZIVA Fertility Centers, our highly sought out team of doctors has vast experience working with donor eggs. We will give you a realistic picture. We are not only your medical support but your emotional support as well. Please reach out to us at 91-9100002737, +91-9392834024, and let us help you.