5 Tips for getting pregnant with low sperm count

Low sperm count means that in the semen of your ejaculate, there is a lesser amount of sperm than normal. Medically this condition is also known as Oligospermia. Some men suffer from a condition, when there is no sperm at all in the sperm, which is called Azoospermia. When measured quantitatively it is said that when the number of sperm present is less than 15 million in one millilitre of sperm it is called Oligospermia. Low sperm count sometimes makes it difficult to get your partner pregnant but that does not mean it is impossible.  In this blog, we from ZIVA Fertility clinics are suggesting some tips that can help you get pregnant even with a low sperm count.

Reasons for low sperm count

Sperm production is quite complex and requires the proper functioning of all the reproductive organs such as testicles, pituitary glands, and hypothalamus. The pituitary glands and hypothalamus are the organs of the brain that trigger the production of sperm. After producing sperm, the delicate tubes transfer them to mix up with the semen and ejaculate out of the penis. Various reasons such as being overweight, taking certain medicines, or any kind of surgery or trauma can cause low sperm count. Some other issues such as consistent exposure to too much heat or some medical issues can be a reason for Oligospermia.

Symptoms of a low sperm count

Most men will know about low sperm count until they are trying to have a baby. This mainly develops because of hormonal imbalance, testicular issues, blockage, or chromosomal abnormality. So you will experience problems relating to these conditions that include:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Low sex drive
  • Less facial or body hair
  • Pain or swelling in and around the testicles

5 Tips for getting pregnant with low sperm count

If you have been diagnosed with low sperm count, please do not give up as there are options for you to have a baby such as:

Tip -1 Do not give up – Keep on trying

When couples with low sperm count visit us we at ZIVA Fertility clinics suggest that they should try to conceive a baby naturally by maximizing the chance. This means that they should have sex every two or three days. It helps much more if you are having regular unprotected sex, during the fertility window. Your female partner can know the fertility window by tracking her ovulation and menstrual periods. So in this way, the egg is readily available to be fertilized by the sperm.

Tip – 2 Lifestyle changes

Males with low sperm count should make lifestyle changes such as:

  • Stop smoking
  • Take alcohol in moderation
  • Eating a fertility-boosting diet
  • Increase your physical activity 
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Try yoga and meditation. Both these methods are very good for reducing stress and improving male fertility.
  • Your doctor might suggest you take medicine that can improve the quality of your sperm and increase your chance of pregnancy. 

Tip -3 – Try IVF-ICSI combination

ARTs are a boon for men with low sperm counts. IVF is one of the most successful ART’s out there which solves a wide variety of male infertility problems.  Since IVF is an expensive method we suggest that based on the female’s age the couple can try for natural conception for more than two years. In the IVF procedure, your sperm and the egg are fertilised in a lab. However, if the IVF also did not give the desired result then the IVF-ICSI combination is suggested. This combination is the best when you have poor-quality sperm, have been trying to conceive for more than two years, and IVF has also failed to provide you relief.  In this combined method a healthy sperm is directly injected into the egg to increase the chance of success.  

Tip -4 – Donor insemination

Fertilisation can also occur through donor insemination where your partner can get pregnant by using the sperm of a donor. Donor sperm insemination is gaining popularity. One has to be prepared emotionally and gain family support for this to work. There are sperm banks from which the couple can get good quality sperm and there are couples who are specific about the desired characteristics of the sperm. Nevertheless one should be mentally prepared to accept the baby as their own.

Tip -5 – Make your sperm stronger for pregnancy

If one makes their sperm stronger then there is a higher chance of natural conception such as:

  • According to a 2017 study, aerobic exercise for at least 50 minutes per week significantly increases your sperm count. 
  • Maintain a good sleep cycle for better results.
  • Do not abuse any other type of substance like cocaine or marijuana. 
  • Take proper medications as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Fenugreek supplements are a natural supplement that you can take to improve sperm health.
  • Cut down on eating soy and other estrogen-rich foods and reduce unhealthful fat intake.
  • Avoid staying in areas where there are a lot of chemicals and toxins.

With the growing fast-paced lifestyle, long working hours in a sedentary position, exposure to laptop heat etc low sperm count is a problem with a lot of men. But this can be avoided by natural remedies, changing their lifestyle, and adjusting dietary routines.

We at ZIVA Fertility Clinics offer counselling services to men who are unable to open up freely about this problem. A simple semen analysis can show the sperm quality, quantity, shape and motility. We give our best shot at curing all of these by medication and lifestyle changes. For more information, please visit our website https://zivafertility.com/ or contact us at +91-9100002737 or +91-9392834024.