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Checklist for Choosing Infertility Clinic in Hyderabad

Parenthood is a major blessing in the lives of many, and couples wait for their bundle of joy. Sometimes, some couples must seek medical help to welcome a healthy baby into their family. An infertility clinic is where the couple having issues conceiving gets quality infertility treatments from clinical experts to improve their odds of getting pregnant. One of the key services an infertility clinic/hospital provides is complete support and help detect and treat reproductive woes. Naturally, who will be their trusted treatment facility is a decision one should consider carefully. In today’s world, when there are so many choices, it is even crucial to know beforehand how to derive the best Infertility clinic. 

On the top, one should look for a hospital with specialised doctors, availability, required facilities, monitoring, experience, quality and safety, lab personnel & technicians, dedicated staff, previous testimonials, researched facts, success factors, elements of difference, service reputation and more. A good Infertility centre should offer essential services, which include In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), In Vitro Maturation (IVM), Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET), Blastocyst Transfer & More. We will know much more details further ahead in the blog below.

The expertise of the medical professional

Find out about the medical specialists treating you at that facility. Thanks to digital media, patients can access information about doctors at their fingertips. Read, research and find out more about doctors by reading their reviews online, qualifications, specialisation & experience. Genuine hospitals that are transparent mention all these details on their websites or social media handles. If anyone you know has undergone Infertility treatment, do not hesitate to contact them and know about the research they did.

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Unlike other treatments, infertility treatments are extremely personal and private. One must be able to discuss all aspects of fertility treatment freely with the doctor. Hence, make sure you can communicate freely and have an honest discussion with the doctor. The relationship between you and your treating doctor will last for months. Hence, you should be comfortable in their presence.

Lab equipment and Lab Technicians

The field of Infertility treatment is constantly evolving, so an ideal infertility hospital usually has the latest and well-equipped lab. The hospital should have an Andrology, Embryology, and Genetics lab. These labs should have dedicated embryologists, andrology technicians, and lab personnel. Labs have many advancements, including pre-implantation genetic screening, air showers, and clean room technology. So check if the hospital is well-equipped and inspected regularly with all these latest and advanced technologies. 

Track record of the Hospital & Clinic

The hospital should have a consistent success rate. Consistency in success indicates that the hospital follows the correct protocols and does its best with the patient in mind. Read the testimonials on their website. Know the current success rates of the hospital/clinic you are considering. Success rates may vary year-on-year based on the skill of the clinic team, equipment, and the quality of egg and sperm they are providing for the treatment. Hence, it is best to ask for the current relevant data. Know for how long the hospital/clinic is in operation. It would be good to visit the hospital once and see if the staff are friendly and if you feel comfortable with the personnel there. Please also find out whether the hospital conforms to standards such as ISO and other certifications that signify the hospital’s genuineness, trust and quality. 

Check for health insurance plans 

Find out if you are eligible for insurance plans that cover the treatment costs and if there are any offers or discounts for the packages.  

Location of the treatment facility

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The whole Infertility treatment goes on for months. You have to go for regular follow-ups and tests. Hence, choose a clinic which is easily accessible, closer to you and available to be able to monitor you uninterrupted throughout your treatment. Even if the clinic is far off, it must be reachable via private vehicle or public transport. Once the treatment is successful and you get pregnant, you also have to do consultations with your treating doctors, just like a natural pregnancy. At that time, you also have to do multiple Hospital visits. So the location of the hospital and its approachability play a critical role in deciding the hospital/clinic.

Check the cost

It is a well-known fact that infertility treatments and Diagnostic procedures are expensive due to the complex procedure and expensive medicines used for treatment. However, as part of the campaign and to increase the client base, some hospitals offer treatments at competitive prices. If a person is undergoing IVF, the clinic will try its best to succeed in the first cycle, but some couples might have to undergo more than one cycle. In such cases, some hospitals do provide concessions for the second cycle. Completely know their packages and fee structure.

Do not take this checklist lightly. Following all these assisting factors while choosing the hospital, you are close to completing the treatment successfully. All the above information can be found online (digital media), in magazines, health magazines, ad campaigns, TV interviews with doctors, health expos, camps, public events, and referrals. So make a better choice. We at ZIVA fertility are very transparent with our patients from the first consultation. We answer all your queries with patience. Only after you are fully satisfied can you opt for us to help you realise your dream of having a baby. Reach us at +91-9100002737, +91-9392834024, or visit our website –