Dr. G. Rahul Reddy, Consultant Microsurgical Andrology Fellowship in Andrology and Men’s health


Dr. G Rahul Reddy is a Consultant Microsurgical UroAndrologist with immense experience and skills at Ziva Embryology and Fertility Institute, Hyderabad.  He was a part of a successful renal transplant team and has developed a special interest in the branch of Andrology and male infertility.  

He has dedicated himself to this field exclusively after procuring his specialization in Andrology and Male infertility. He is well known for his Microsurgical and counselling skills with his never-ending patience.

Dr. G Rahul has become one of the most successful doctors in a very short period due to his extensive knowledge and immaculate experience in this field. He is excellent in his diligent approach towards patient problems and meticulous protocols.

He deals with all the issues related to male infertility, andrology, men’s health and provides a holistic approach throughout the treatment. He builds a rapport, boosts the confidence of his patients and offers appropriate solutions to them.

With his profound love to share the knowledge, he has taken part in innumerable CMEs and Conferences. Dr. Rahul has received numerous laurels and awards for his dedication in this field.