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How much does an ICSI Treatment Cost in Hyderabad

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, or ICSI, is an advanced technique for couples with male infertility to achieve parenthood. ICSI is an effective and latest ART methodology which is recommended to those couples where the male has infertility issues. ICSI is an additional step during an IVF treatment to have high fertilization. ICSI during an IVF is done when sperm production is low or has low motility. Saying that women can also opt for this treatment where the quantity of retrieved eggs is less.

In an ICSI procedure, a single sperm is directly injected into each egg, hence shooting the chances of fertilization higher. ICSI is the most productive male fertility treatment and has a higher success rate than the conventional IVF method. At ZIVA Fertility clinics, ICSI treatment has a success rate. 

The procedure of ICSI Treatment in Hyderabad

Sperm selection: Under a microscope, the embryologist chooses the most motile sperm with the help of a and picks sperm. 

Sperm injection: The selected sperm is injected into the egg, which was earlier retrieved in an IVF process. The sperm is collected by a thin & sharp needle inserted through the eggshell into the egg’s cytoplasm and released there. The needle is removed, and an examination follows the procedure to check for fertilization. If fertilization is fruitful, the embryo is then placed into the woman’s uterus, and one has to wait for the signs of pregnancy. Blood tests confirm if the implantation has been successful or not. Women should take proper rest and refrain from stressful activities.

How much does an ICSI Treatment Cost in Hyderabad?

Multiple factors determine the cost of the ICSI procedure in Hyderabad. The primary driving factor is the number of cycles involved. The initial estimates are provided after evaluating the problem of the couple. But compared to other cities, the average cost of ICSI treatment in Hyderabad is very affordable. The main cost components are:-

  • The expertise of the professionals and the clinic
  • Pre and post-ICSI procedures
  • Lab costs
  • The actual ICSI technique cost
  • Nursing charges
  • Blood work, Ultrasounds
  • Cost of fertility drugs or medicines
  • Treatment planning
  • Training for how to give injections
  • Collection of the eggs
  • Sperm picking with the help of the ICSI technique
  • ICSI insemination of eggs
  • Embryo transfer

The goal of IVF and ICSI are the same, but the method to achieve fertilization differs. When the sperm produced by a male has low motility, it cannot swim and reach the egg for fertilization. When a low motile sperm loses its ability to move on its own, ICSI can achieve the fertilization process. ICSI is the next option when IVF fails. Couples opting for an ART trust ZIVA Fertility centre because we provide medical care and counselling services. We give the best treatment to our clients, and you can be honest with us. ICSI treatment is one of the best treatments for male infertility. If a couple cannot conceive via IVF, then ICSI is the best next hope. Our services are transparent, so please contact us for affordable ICSI treatment in Hyderabad. Reach us at +91-9100002737, +91-9392834024, or visit our website