Importance of fertility treatment counseling for couples

In the realm of rising infertility in both men and women, fertility treatments stand out as a beacon of hope for countless couples. Though outwardly, it might be a medical process, it has larger emotional, social and financial implications. A successful fertility treatment has a lot of bearing on the emotional well-being of the couple. We at ZIVA Fertility Clinics believe in giving both medical and emotional support to couples and sometimes their families, too. 

Fertility counseling helps people cope with the emotional challenges of pregnancy, infertility, fertility treatment, pregnancy loss, and donor conception. The key aspects of how fertility counseling can help are:

  • Provide support
  • Guidance
  • Coping skills
  • Decision-making assistance to aspiring parents
  • Egg or sperm or embryo donors. 
  • Surrogates

In this blog, we are covering the importance of fertility treatment counseling for couples. Generally, all couples who are planning to embark on the pregnancy journey should get proper counseling. This will help them understand life after parenthood. 

Importance of fertility treatment counseling for couples 

What are the emotional issues that a couple has to face during fertility treatments?

The main factors pertaining to a couple’s emotional health are:

Outcome of the treatment: What will be the success of the treatment? This is the biggest question since day one on the couple’s mind. The waiting period also increases anxiety. These fertility treatments follow the ovulation and menstrual cycles, so the couples have to time those as well and keep those dates in mind.

Emotional effects of hormonal changes: To release more eggs, hormones are injected. These additional hormones have an impact on the emotions. Women may experience mood swings, which will impact the male partner too. 

Societal stigmas and unsolicited advice: The family also has raised expectations. If the friends of the couple are all blessed with children, then it amounts to the pressure on the treatment-seeking couple. Many trustworthy and untrustworthy pieces of advice start flowing in. If the couple does not have all the facts correctly with them, they won’t know what to trust and what not to.

Financial stress: Most clinics offer the most cost-effective treatments. However, each session and the medication, etc., is expensive. Some insurance companies cover fertility treatments.

How does mental stress affect fertility treatment?

Mental stress has a significant impact on the success of the treatment, such as:

  • Affect the hormones critical for fertility.
  • It affects the release of eggs and sperm.
  • Mental stress can cause binge eating or poor dietary habits, hence increasing weight.
  • Reduces sleep, which is crucial for proper egg and sperm release.
  • Stress can also reduce the chance of success on the first go. 

How is fertility treatment counselling for couples helpful?

  • When one is undecided about whether to get fertility treatment or not, then counseling will let you know the pros and cons and will help you make an informed decision.
  • Couples can openly ask their doubts and get authentic information from our highly qualified ZIVA Fertility experts. 
  • The couples can better communicate among themselves and understand each other’s perspectives.
  • Get trained in stress coping mechanisms.
  • If the family is also involved, they will know how to support the couple and be of meaningful help.
  • The couples can set their expectations properly in terms of finances, number of sessions, ups and downs.
  • They can be each other’s support system and boost confidence.
  • In terms of male infertility, most men feel shy and inhibited from talking about fertility issues with their near and dear ones. So counseling can help them open up.
  • Counseling helps couples get over blame, guilt, or feelings of inadequacy
  • Couples need to maintain intimacy and connection during treatments.
  • If the couple is especially using donor eggs or donor sperm, then they might need time to adjust to the idea. Sometimes, the family may not be on board with the idea. In those cases, counselling can really help to see the correct perspective.

We at ZIVA Fertility Clinics offer empathy and understanding towards all our couples. We are specially trained to handle fertility-related emotional challenges and have a non-judgmental approach. Couples should start their fertility treatment with counseling. We also maintain the confidentiality of the information shared with us. But during the whole journey, if at any time they feel like they need someone to talk to, then please know that we are here for you. For more information, please visit our website, Fertility Hospital Hyderabad | Fertility Clinic Near me | Ziva IVF Center (, or contact us at +91-9100002737, +91-9392834024