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Is Egg Freezing Mandatory for My Next Pregnancy?

In the current scenario, several couples opt for late pregnancies, making fertility preservation important. But as the lifestyle is advancing, so is modern medicine. Modern medical methods such as egg freezing are aiding females to store their eggs at a younger age but plan for pregnancy later on. 

Single men who wish to become a parent also use frozen eggs. They can acquire frozen eggs from certified labs and follow the correct procedure. Since this is a critical decision affecting you and your partner’s life, please consider doing all the research and clearing all the doubts in your mind. 

When should one start thinking about Egg Freezing?

The best age to think about egg freezing is from the late twenties to below 35. At this stage, the body is most fertile. After the age of 40, fertility starts to decline. Women opt for egg-freezing options if they plan to have a family later. When the success rates are observed, a common phenomenon is that the success rates are higher in females who opt for egg freezing in their twenties than in later years.

Egg freezing procedure

At first, tests are conducted along with a physical examination. Blood tests are done to rule out infections such as hepatitis, syphilis and HIV/AIDS. After both are clear, the doctor will start preparation. Instead of the natural single ovulation cycle, hormone injections are administered to stimulate multiple ovulations.

After successful ovulation, eggs are collected under general anaesthesia, and they are frozen with the help of cryopreservation techniques. The frozen eggs are collected from the lab when you want to become a parent. They are thawed and injected with sperm in the lab in a process called ICSI. ICSI is part of the IVF procedure. After successful fertilization, the doctor will select a healthy embryo. The developed embryo is placed inside the female body to let it grow into a fetus. Embryo transfer happens as a daycare procedure. By using a small catheter, the embryo is transferred to the woman’s uterus. Inserting the catheter does not cause any pain, but there may be a slight discomfort.

Lifetime of Frozen Eggs

With the new preservation techniques, eggs can be stored indefinitely. One should consider the cost implications of storing the eggs for a more extended period. In some countries, the eggs are stored for a fixed period, after which you have to pay additional fees to continue storing the eggs.

Is Egg Freezing Mandatory for My Next Pregnancy?

When women wish to get pregnant, they should remember that 6 out of 8 eggs survive freezing and thawing. Amongst these survived eggs, the chance of live birth is between 32% and 18% depending on the woman’s age at the time of egg freezing.

Hence, it is highly recommended to store 30-40 eggs for a woman to have a reasonable chance of live birth. To store this many eggs, at least 2-5 treatment cycles are needed to ensure that sufficient mature eggs are stored. 

Egg freezing is also costly, and maintaining them afterwards involves costs. In India, there are well-established guidelines around egg storage. Single parents must follow all the procedures correctly if they want to use frozen eggs. We, at ZIVA fertility centers, give first-hand information about the Egg Freezing process. We also specialize in frozen egg retrieval and subsequent usage to get pregnant. Please visit our website to know more about Egg Freezing or contact us at +91-9100002737, +91-9392834024, or