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Is IVF more successful with donor eggs?

IVF is one of the most popular fertility treatments in which the egg is fertilized with the sperm in a lab, and the resulting embryo is transferred into the mother’s womb. IVF process with donor eggs, if the couple cannot use their eggs in the fertilization process for whatever reason, then it is done by using eggs taken from other women. They are called donor eggs. 

Particularly when screened donor eggs are used (not the eggs of a family member), IVF using donor eggs might be more successful than the average IVF success rates with couples who do not use donor eggs.

Using an egg donor IVF method means that the pregnant mother will not have any genetic connection to the baby, but the father will have if no donor sperm were used. The idea is, therefore, a more attractive option compared to embryo donation for IVF. In the case of embryo donation, neither of the intended parents will have a biological connection to the child.

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Egg Donor IVF: When It’s Necessary

During traditional IVF procedures, fertility drugs are administered to women to increase the production of eggs by the ovaries. After reaching maturity, the eggs are collected using an ultrasound-guided needle.

The collected eggs are placed in a petri dish and sperm cells, and hopefully, some of the eggs will be fertilized. The fertilized egg is placed in a test tube that results in an embryo after a few days, transferred to the gestational carrier’s uterus. The fertilized eggs can also be frozen to use in later cycles. All this goes well if the intended mother produces enough quality eggs. If not, the other option is donor egg IVF.

When is egg donor IVF recommended?

When the ovaries of a woman who wants to become pregnant are not producing enough eggs or when the ovaries are absent completely. When the gay male couple wishes to become parents. 

Here are some other circumstances where an egg donor IVF might be necessary or suggested by doctors.

  • Fertility problems related to age (Women age 40 and older are most likely to experience infertility)
  • A single male who wants to become a father through surrogacy
  • The risk of genetic diseases from the female partner’s side
  • Deficiency of ovarian reserves 
  • Premature ovarian failure often called primary ovarian insufficiency
  • When the ovaries are damaged or removed during other treatments, e.g., cancer treatment
  • Multiple failed IVF treatments due to poor ovarian response
  • Unexplained IVF failure repeatedly
  • Congenital disabilities – a woman born with defected ovaries or without ovaries 

How do I find an egg donor?

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Contacting a fertility clinic is one method of finding an egg donor, where you can choose an egg from an unknown donor. Since there is a clear relationship with the donor, this choice can be more confidential. Before choosing an egg, you can also view the photos of prospective donors at some fertility clinics.

You can visit our ZIVA fertility center in Hyderabad for a donor egg as we are reputed with high success rates. Or you can use the “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ‘s assisted reproductive technology (ART)” locator or the SART – “Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology” IVF clinic locator.

Another option would be receiving an egg from a close family member or friend — like, your sister or cousin, by which your baby would have a close genetic connection with you. The ideal donor would be young and without a history of infertility.

No matter from whom the donor eggs are taken, the donor will be examined for genetic conditions, psychological problems, infectious diseases, blood type, and general health.

On average, the success rate of the IVF program with fresh donor eggs is 65.9% with clinical pregnancy, and the success rate of live birth is nearly 55.6%. Similarly, the success rate for the IVF program with frozen donor eggs is around 52.3%, and the success rate of live birth is 42.3%.

As a result, one in every two women who undergo IVF with donor eggs will be able to have their dream child. However, it is dependent on a variety of factors. Consult our fertility experts at ZIVA Fertility Centre in Hyderabad. Please reach out to us at 91-9100002737, +91-9392834024, and let us help you.