Top 5 FAQs about the Right Age for IVF in Hyderabad India 

Couples opt for IVF in Hyderabad, India, for various reasons. Though infertility is the main reason, the wish to bear a child at a later age, medical issues, cancer, single parents, use of donor sperm/eggs, etc, are all the top reasons, too. In all such situations, IVF in Hyderabad, India, often emerges as a beacon of hope. IVF is not just a medical procedure. It is a blend of emotions, science, time, and cost. And when it comes to time, age inevitably becomes a topic of interest. In bustling cities like Hyderabad, India, renowned IVF Fertility clinics such as ZIVA Fertility clinics often encounter queries related to the optimal age for IVF. So, let’s answer this question head-on, shall we? 

FAQ -1 What is the best age for IVF?

The consensus is that women in their late 20s to early 30s have the best chance of success in IVF treatment. A woman’s egg quality and quantity are in their prime during this golden window, offering the highest chances for a successful IVF cycle. 

Below is a table showing the relationship between age and IVF success rate. However, these rates may vary depending on individual health factors, the clinic, and the quality of care.

Age General IVF Success Rate
Under 30           65-70%
30-34 60-65%
35-37 55-60%
38-40 50-55%
41-42 40-50%
43-44 30-40%
45 and above 20-30 %

This table is a generalization, but your case will be unique. So, if you are seeking IVF in Hyderabad, India, consult with a fertility specialist for more accurate and personalized advice. Many IVF clinics, including ZIVA Fertility clinics, will advise considering IVF treatments before the age of 45 for optimal results.

FAQ-2 What is the Upper Age Limit for IVF?

As per the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) (Regulation) Act, 2021, there is a “hard stop” age limit for IVF in India. For women, the age limit to try an ART is 50 years, and 55 years for men. Also, IVF may not be successful on the first try. So, couples might try for more sessions. But in between, there might be a gap since the woman’s body has to become OK again, procure finances, etc. So in this meanwhile the woman’s age might increase. So, even if the couple wishes to try for more cycles, the age might be higher due to the cycle gap.

FAQ – 3 What are the cons of IVF in an advanced age?

As women’s age progresses IVF, related challenges pop up due to reasons such as:

  • The quality of eggs diminishes.
  • The risk of miscarriage increases.
  • There’s a higher chance of chromosomal abnormalities.
  • The body might respond less favourably to fertility drugs.
  • Other medical issues such as diabetes, hypertension, or cholesterol might come. All of these are not a healthy environment for IVF success.

But these are not hardliners, as many women in their 40s have had successful IVF cycles. Hence, at ZIVA Fertility clinics, we ask our couples to stay positive and give it their best shot.

FAQ – 4 What factors matter other than age in IVF Treatment in Hyderabad, India?

  • Yes, age is important, but that is not the only factor that impacts IVF success. The woman’s overall health should be good.
  • The quality of sperm, either of the male partner or the donor, should be healthy. 
  • No uterine diseases, no PCOS, and no issues with the reproductive system issues with both partners.
  • Healthy lifestyle choices include:
  • Maintaining an ideal weight.
  • Eating healthy.
  • Avoiding smoking and drinking.
  • Limiting caffeine intake.

FAQ – 5 When should I consider IVF even if I am young?

Irrespective of age, certain health conditions may require you to opt for an IVF in Hyderabad, India, such as :

  • Women whose both fallopian tubes are blocked or damaged.
  • The male partner has fertility challenges.
  • Ovulation disorders in women.
  • Despite all the diagnoses, the cause of infertility could not be determined.
  • Other ART, such as IUI, have failed multiple times.

These are general guidelines. But if you or your partner has any of these conditions, please consult an expert fertility clinic. We at ZIVA fertility clinics will re-evaluate your situation before recommending an IVF.

The whole journey with IVF in Hyderabad, India, is thrilling, intimidating, and filled with hope. Despite your age, we urge you to reach out, seek expert guidance, and keep faith. We at ZIVA Fertility clinics are proud to say that many women at 45 and even beyond have undergone IVF. We will counsel you on the potential risks and success rates with a specialist. IVF can be safe after 40 but comes with a few more challenges and risks compared to younger ages. Success rates decrease as age increases, so after the 40s, the success rate might be lower than in the early 30s, but it’s still possible. For more information, please visit our website or at +91-9100002737 or +91-9392834024.