Partner Support for During Infertility Before, After, and During Treatment

When a couple decides to start a family, it is an exciting time for them. Along with the excitement, there is a lot of anticipation. But if pregnancy doesn’t happen right away, it is good to consider other options. Upon thorough testing and diagnosis of both men and women, the fertility expert concludes to move forward with fertility treatments. With the advancement in medical fields, many ARTs (Assisted Reproductive Techniques) are available. If medical treatment is one end of the yard, getting sufficient emotional and physical support from near and dear ones is equally crucial. If you have already decided to undergo ART, you should know how you can support your partner through this entire process. But there is plenty that the partner can do, and the whole process further strengthens your relationship.

How does having a supporting partner make a difference? 

Fertility treatments are time-taking, require patience, and are invasive into the couple’s personal space. Some might find it challenging to open themselves up to a team of fertility specialists. Some of the points of importance while undergoing fertility treatments are:- 

  • Expensive treatments
  • Regular follow-ups involving hormones, medications, scans, and procedures might alter your daily routine.
  • The emotional roller coaster of the constant cycle of hope and disappointment creates anxiety.
  • The couple would like to keep their treatment private, so the number of people you can discuss your journey with would be limited. There is not much rallying around, and often there’s no direct path.

Dealing with this stress can impact your relationships, and minor problems that were easy to ignore may become magnified. So, how to travel this gentle rope?

How to support your partner? 

Many partners want to be supportive, but many may not know how? So here are a few tips:

Please take part in reducing everyday hassles: Daily routine activities may seem minor, but they can trigger negative moods over the long duration of treatment. Maybe hire extra help for taking care of household chores. Consider online delivery for your shopping needs so you can spend quality time together. Cut down any unnecessary and delegate as and when needed. One might think it is a financial strain. But it will bring huge rewards in the form of a calm and peaceful mind.

Be open with each other: Your partner is the closest person who can understand what you are going through as accurately as possible. So please do not shy away from sharing with them your emotional state. Any doubts regarding the treatment, or the outcome of the treatments, have an honest discussion with each other. These open heart discussions are important when deciding the type of ART.

Be close to your trustworthy friends: While many couples prioritize privacy while undergoing fertility treatment, one should not be closed up. Confide in close, trustworthy friends who can understand what you are going through. Even if they cannot give you great advice, being an emotional outlet is excellent support. Your friends can be stress busters for both partners.

Take decisions together:  During fertility treatments, one-sided decisions are not advised. When you make decisions together, there are no surprises to the other partner, and you are more comfortable going forward. This includes all matters such as medical treatments, managing finances, and adjusting work schedules and daily routines. Both of you must get mentally prepared for any outcome.

Change your attitude towards couples with children: do not isolate yourself from couples with children, as it can increase emotional distress in the long run. When you have to socialize with couples, especially if they bring their children along, have a sense of acceptance and think that they are at their place in life, and we’re on our own, which is OK.

Keep checking on each other: Since fertility treatments prolong for a longer period, ensure that the support you had for each other during the initial period does not wear off. Regularly check with each other and be on the same page about the number of attempts and how much you can afford financially.

Relax by taking breaks:  The results of the fertility treatments will take some time, and in that period, you can pamper yourself, go on a vacation together or engage in an activity as a couple. Make sure you spend this time in a calming and soothing way for both of you. If you plan to go away for a long period, seek medical advice about, dos, and don’t during the trip. This recouping break will increase your resilience. 

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