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Top 10 ways on How to Increase IVF Success Rates

Being a parent is a dream for many couples. Along with the expecting couple, even their families look forward to this new addition to their family. They do everything to make this dream a reality. For some couples, external medical assistance is needed. The field of reproductive sciences has skyrocketed in terms of innovation. Many turn to assisted reproductive technology (ART) as a fertility treatment option.

According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), ART “includes all fertility treatments in which either eggs or embryos are handled.” day by day, the number of infants being born using ART is increasing, and its use has doubled in the past decade as per CDC. The most successful and widely adapted practice is In vitro fertilisation (IVF). Put in an IVF, and the eggs are surgically retrieved from the ovaries, fertilised with sperm in a lab, and inserted back into a woman’s uterus.

If you decide to try IVF, you want facts such as, “What is the IVF success rate? What can I do to make IVF more successful?” Thankfully, there is sufficient information for prospective parents that is very informative.

How are IVF Success Rates?

The CDC has released a report based on preliminary 2020 data. After analysing more than 326,000 ART cycles carried out by 449 fertility clinics across the United States, the results were:

75,023 live births (deliveries of one or more living infants)

Of the 326,468 ART cycles performed, 123,304 were egg or embryo banking cycles where the resultant embryos were frozen for future ART cycles and not for an immediate pregnancy. So without these cycles, 203,164 were intended for pregnancy.

What are the ways to Increase Your Chances of IVF Success?

The most time-tested and proven ways to improve your success are:-

  1. Take care of your weight

Weight and fertility have a direct correlation. They are being obese (BMI >35) and underweight (BMI <19) affects IVF success rates. If you are overweight, monitoring the ovaries during IVF becomes more difficult and increases the chance of complications during egg retrievals.

One can get to a healthy weight by adopting good lifestyle practices. Changes in diet and activity, and with professional help if necessary, are suggested. Work with qualified dietitians, and enrol in a cardiometabolic weight loss program to achieve your weight goals.

  1. Maintain good sperm health.

To maintain good sperm health, use multivitamins, maintain optimal body weight, and use boxers over briefs. Under proper medical guidance, men can also start on medications that can help boost sperm numbers and quality, which can benefit IVF outcomes. In certain cases, sperm collected directly from the testicle after ejaculation could also be beneficial. Get a male infertility specialist also involved, as they can correct abnormalities in semen.

  1. Find the best doctor and embryology laboratory.

Choosing an excellent reproductive endocrinologist involves two main components. Their experience and commitment to evidence-based medicine is one thing but look for someone with whom you feel comfortable and connected. This is an emotional journey, and it is important for you to feel supported and heard. To find a good embryology laboratory, go through its long history. 

  1. Ask around

Take recommendations from friends and family who know you best. They can help guide you to a knowledgeable physician with whom you feel comfortable. There are many online reviews, so it can be difficult to determine credibility. Double-check online reviews, as they are often completed by select patients who might have had an extreme experience for one reason or another. It is better to get a direct recommendation.

  1. Do not stress yourself.

The basic stress level can influence both natural and assisted conception rates. Understandably, reducing stress is one of the hardest things to achieve. Some adopt acupuncture and other stress-relieving techniques, like enrolling in mind-body programs, stress reduction, and resilience training workshops.

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  1. Give up smoking

Smoking drastically reduces the chance of success while doing IVF because it affects both the egg and sperm quality. Don’t stress out by trying to do it all by yourself. To quit smoking requires a great deal of personal and professional support. Get your friends and family help. They will encourage you in the process. For quitting smoking, structured programs and pharmacological assistance have proven to be most successful.

  1. Take supplements.

DHEA and CoQ10 supplements have shown some promise with increased egg quantity and quality. But do not take them on your own. Take them only after talking to your doctor.

  1. Have adequate levels of vitamin D

Surprisingly, over 40% of individuals are deficient in vitamin D. there is sufficient emerging data on its association with infertility and worse IVF outcomes. Get your vitamin D levels tested, and consider taking a vitamin D supplement if it’s low.

  1. Persistence and patience are keys

Some couples may need more than one cycle of IVF to get a healthy embryo, and outcomes may vary significantly from cycle to cycle. If the first cycle isn’t successful, your doctor will adjust the medications to optimise a subsequent one. Try to be hopeful even in cases of suboptimal outcomes and setbacks. Remember that you are doing your best, and most of this is out of your control. Letting go can help you endure the journey. Blaming oneself does not help. You are not alone; it is often said that it takes a village to build a family.

  1. Have honest conversations

Before the start of the treatment and during the process, ensure that you have honest conversations amongst yourselves and with the doctor about the outcomes and next steps. This helps you set realistic expectations. Be also open about finances, since IVF is an expensive procedure. So try to have an idea as to how many cycles you can try.

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