What are the chances of having multiple babies with IUI?

In the world of Artificial Reproductive Techniques, Intrauterine Insemination, or IUI, is one of the trusted and conservative fertility treatments. IUI 

is a technique in which sperm is placed directly into a woman’s uterus. IUI is a relatively non-invasive fertility treatment that can be performed using a male partner’s sperm or donor sperm, due to which the chances of pregnancy dramatically increase for patients dealing with infertility. IUI is one of the safest fertility treatments with good success rates. 

Why Does IUI Make a Twins Pregnancy More Likely?

When a couple decides to undergo an IUI, we at the ZIVA fertility center, monitor the woman’s ovaries and follicle growth and keep track of luteinizing hormone levels. Such monitoring helps us determine when ovulation will occur. IUI is done when the women are ovulating. On the day of the IUI procedure, concentrated sperm is inserted into the uterus via a flexible catheter. The sperm collected from the male partner or donor sperm is thoroughly washed medically in the clinic before inserting into the woman’s uterus.

For women undergoing IUI, fertility-enhancing drugs are given. These drugs are aimed to stimulate the ovaries and increase egg production before IUI treatment. IUI procedure itself does not increase the chance of twins. IUI simply brings the sperm and the egg closer for fertilization to occur. It is the usage of fertility medication that results in multiple babies. Due to fertility-enhancing drugs, women release many mature eggs during ovulation. Hence, many eggs can get fertilized by the sperm, resulting in twins or multiples. Our highly expert doctors at the ZIVA fertility center will discuss with you all the potential risks beforehand. 

Chance of Twins in IUI vs. Natural Conception?

The chances of twins with IUI is higher than pregnancy via natural means.

The combination of washed sperm and fertility drugs largely enhances the fertilization of multiple eggs in an IUI cycle. 

What are the chances of twins In IVF as compared to IUI?

In IVF, multiple eggs are fertilized, and multiple embryos may be transferred during a cycle, which means higher chances of twins and triplets. However, in spite of multiple embryos being transferred, the chances of multiple babies are higher in IUI than in IVF. 

In IVF, almost the entire process is done in the lab. The fertilization is done in a lab, and the fertility doctor has many variables under their control. Only a few selected embryos are transferred into the woman’s uterus.

In IUI, only the sperm and egg are brought together by external means. The rest of the fertilization and embryo formation happens inside the woman’s uterus. So the fertility doctors do not have control over the number of eggs fertilized and the number of embryos created.

Potential Complications of a Multiple Pregnancy

Fertility treatments can solve the most common causes of infertility to give patients and give a greater chance to the couples to have children. However, most fertility treatments result in multiple children. For some, this might be a reason for double joy, but one should know the medical risks associated with a multiples pregnancy which include :

  • Premature labour – Usually, women go into labour before 37 weeks of pregnancy in case of twins or triplets. Babies born prematurely require monitoring and medical care till they can function by themselves
  • Low birth weight – Since the babies are born before they are fully grown, their weight will be below. Such babies need to be medically supervised since low weight babies have higher chances of picking up infections.
  • Gestational diabetes – Many women who develop diabetes during pregnancy will come out of it after giving birth. However, the chances of gestational diabetes are higher in the cases of multiple births.
  • Preeclampsia – A condition characterized by high blood pressure, and it is a life-threatening condition. 
  • Placental abruption – A pregnancy complication where the placenta detaches from the womb depriving the baby of oxygen and nutrients.

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