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What are the chances of IVF success on the 2nd attempt?

Out of all the ART’s (Assisted Reproductive Techniques) available, IVF has been a boon to overcome both couples. IVF works well for both male and female infertility issues. It is suitable even if the couple is in a situation where they have to use donor eggs or donor sperm. IVF itself has evolved a lot, and a fertility clinic’s reputation relies on the success rates of the first IVF attempts. But many factors if the first IVF fails clinics and doctors do offer various tips and suggestions to make the next one a success. Most clinics do offer discounts, too, or some other cost benefits. The couples may have to reset themselves emotionally and financially, too, with the fact that the first cycle did not succeed. After discussing this privately and with family, when you think the time is right, please schedule another consultation with your specialist.

What are the common reasons for the failure of the first IVF attempt?

Failed Embryo Implantation: There are a multitude of reasons for the failure of the first IVF attempt, and the top reason happens to be a Failed Embryo Implantation. Implantation could fail due to issues in the embryo or an issue in the uterus. Developmental arrest of embryos: This is another common cause of most of the failures in IVF treatment. The developmental arrest could happen due to genetic abnormalities or embryonic chromosomal problems. When the embryos do not develop normally, they fail to implant.

Many of the reasons for implantation are mostly a “black box” unless we do preimplantation genetic screening, PGS, for chromosomal status on the embryos before transfer.

What follows the failed first IVF attempt?

Following a failure in the initial attempt, the fertility team will go through the entire case to study where it went wrong. All the IVF steps are checked systematically, which includes – ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval, the quality of the egg, the number of eggs, the results of the fertilisation, the development of the embryo, embryo quality and embryo transfer. Usually, one of these areas will show the issue. The review results will play a major role in the success of the second attempt.

We at ZIVA Fertility Clinics will give you an honest report about what are the fixable and non-fixable issues. We will also let you know what will be done differently in the second IVF cycle, along with the estimated probability of success of another attempt. Most couples overcome the shortcomings of the first cycle to improve their chances of success in the second IVF attempt.

What are the chances of IVF success on the 2nd attempt? 

This is the most natural question after a failed attempt. The chances of success depend on various factors such as:

  • Age of the female at the second attempt. Some couples may take a long time to get ready for a second attempt. So, by the time they attempt a second one, the age of the woman is crucial. 
  • The egg quality and the quantity
  • Number of eggs that could be retrieved
  • The cause of the failure of the first attempt. The quality of services the clinic provides. 
  • Sperm quality
  • IVF ovarian stimulation quality which depends on the skills of the doctor
  • Egg retrieval and Embryo transfer skills of the fertility specialist and overall efficiency of the egg pickup process
  • Developmental rates of the embryo and its quality.
  • Genetic and chromosomal quality of the embryos

How do we improve our chances of success at a second IVF attempt?

Review of the first attempt: Learning lessons from the first attempt gives a lot of insight into the do’s and don’ts for the second attempt. Both the couple and the medical team should have clarity about the issues that need to be fixed.

Change the clinic: Discuss with your partner if you are comfortable going for the second attempt at the same clinic as the first one. You could also do research and find a new medical team and a new clinic. When you go to the new clinic, please make sure you share with them the entire history of the first attempt. Some clinics do offer discounted rates, especially if you go to them for the second attempt.

Prepare yourself: After knowing the causes of failure at the first attempt, have a clear idea of whether the problem is fixable or not. If it is a non-fixable issue, then it is better to find an alternative way to have children. But if it is a fixable issue, be prepared to go through the same process both medically and emotionally once again.

Donor eggs or embryos: While attempting a second IVF, it is also worthwhile to think if you would like to use donor eggs, embryos or sperm. Carefully selected donor eggs, embryos or sperm could have better results in IVF.

Medical changes: If the issue was with the ovarian stimulation or low numbers of eggs, then the medical team should change the drug protocol. But if the quality of the embryos was good, they did not implant.

In very rare cases, implantation fails due to uterine issues. Mostly, it is due to the transferred embryos being too weak to implant and continue normal development. 

We at ZIVA Fertility Clinics are one of the most preferred choices for couples who faced failure earlier. We carefully analyse the case study and present you with clear laid-out options. We also offer counselling services. So please don’t give up hope if one attempt fails. We are here to help, and you can start with an initial consultation and take a call after that. For more information please contact +91-9100002737, +91-9392834024, info@zivafertility.com or visit our website https://zivafertility.com/