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What are the signs of successful implantation?

Thinking about pregnancy? Then there are a few concepts that you should understand so that your journey is smooth and enjoyable. The first pregnancy is usually confusing, especially knowing whether you’re pregnant yet or not. Implantation is a term often used, and not understanding correctly may lead to confusion and anxiety. Different women experience different symptoms and signs of implantation. In this blog, we will help you understand what the signs of successful implantation are. 
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What is implantation?

The surest way to know if you are pregnant is by consulting a doctor, but many changes happen in the body from the moment conception occurs, and it all starts with implantation.

Simply understanding, implantation means the beginning of the development of the placenta, which means the fertilized egg cell attaches to the wall of the uterus in early pregnancy. Fertilization might have happened a week before, but only after implantation, the female body produces hCG—human chorionic gonadotropin hormone, which is picked up by any home pregnancy kit.

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Implantation occurs about 8-10 days after ovulation and 5 days after fertilization. 

Once implantation is complete, and the embryo is burrowed inside the uterine wall, the body’s progesterone levels rise, nourishing the uterine lining and preventing periods.

Ovulation, fertilization, and implantation all work together in a sequence for pregnancy to occur. Each of these processes has varied timelines depending on the female body. So don’t compare yourself with others since what’s normal for one pregnant woman may be different. Doctors recommend women wait until the first day of their missed period to take a home pregnancy test to get an accurate reading.

What are the signs of a successful implantation?

As mentioned before, there are no guaranteed symptoms of implantation. It does not feel like anything for some, while some experience cramps, spotting, and pain. 

Implantation symptoms

Generally speaking, the most common implantation symptoms can be:-

  • Implantation cramps:- Some women experience minor cramping right around the moment implantation is happening due to the rise in progesterone. But such cramps are normal during the second half of the period cycle, irrespective of whether you’re pregnant or not.
  • Implantation bleeding:- About one-third of pregnant women see small portions of bleeding. It is minor and self-corrects without any treatment. 
  • Nausea:- The most popular first tip-off is nausea and vomiting. It is quite unpleasant, and appetite changes too. Some women suddenly can’t stand the food that they used to previously love.
  • Tender breasts:- Due to hormonal changes, the breasts may swell and feel tender than usual. 
  • Constipation and bloating:- Bowel movement not going smooth? It’s those pregnancy hormones which cause constipation, a common implantation symptom. You may also notice you’re looking extra bloated during this time, again, due to hormones.
  • Fatigue. Growing a baby is hard work and yes you will feel more tired than usual, and it’s a very common sign in the early days of pregnancy, caused by a rise in progesterone and increased blood volume.
  • Headaches. Another side effect of your increased blood volume during pregnancy, headaches are a common implantation symptom.
  • Mood swings. You suddenly start getting bothered by even the smallest of things? Mood swings are common symptoms during early pregnancy. Blame it on those hormones.

While implantation can be a bit of a mystery, a positive pregnancy test is the only way to ensure that you’re pregnant. We know it’s hard, but waiting for a few days until after the day of your missed period to take it will give you a much more accurate result.

It is always good to self educate yourself about pregnancy. Talk to our experts at ZIVA Fertility Centers and enjoy the joyous period of early pregnancy. Please reach out to us at 91-9100002737, +91-9392834024, and let us help you.