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A Guide To Follow For Successful IVF

Is infertility hindering your dream of having a baby?

Do you feel like quitting your dream of family?

Never give up, let’s guide you through so that you don’t lose hope.

For a long time, infertility has been preventing many couples from creating a happy family with children. However, over the past one or two decades, medical technology improved, especially In-Vitro Fertilization(IVF), an ART procedure that turned out to be a boon for millions of couples worldwide who are unable to conceive naturally. 

IVF is popular with the name “Test Tube Baby” process and is a highly successful ART(Assisted Reproductive Techniques) technique for the couple experiencing infertility problems. The success rate of IVF is very high compared to other infertility treatments and can deliver promising results.

Wanted to know how the IVF process works and how to approach and whom to approach for this technique? Let’s find out.

What is this IVF Procedure?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is an infertility treatment performed when a woman cannot conceive through natural sexual intercourse. In such cases, fertilization is promoted artificially in a test tube. The procedure involves collecting eggs and sperm with the help of medical techniques. The samples are brought together and then fertilized in a laboratory by creating an ideal environment artificially. Once the eggs are fertilized, they will be monitored for around 3-6 days under ideal conditions. 

When it’s time, one or two healthy embryo(s) are transferred into the womb of the woman. After the embryo attaches itself to the uterine wall, the rest of the process follows natural pregnancy.

How Is IVF Procedure Performed?  

Right from choosing the doctor until the embryo’s implantation inside the womb, you need to be attentive about every step of the IVF process. 

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The first step of IVF is consultation; it is very important to choose a clinic with good lab facilities, experienced fertility doctors and skilled embryologists. The success rate of the centre should be at par with international labs.

At ZIVA Fertility clinic, our expert doctors have decades of experience in providing various fertility treatments. Our labs are also well-equipped with state-of-art facilities to deliver optimum results. We maintain a high level of privacy and never disclose our patient details without informing the patient.

During the consultation, we do not suggest IVF treatment directly; we do necessary tests and consider all the pros and cons of the tests, other health conditions before suggesting any fertility treatment. 


Naturally, the ovaries release one egg every month; but processing a single egg doesn’t give effective results in the IVF process. So, to overcome this, ovaries are stimulated with fertility medicines to release more eggs at a time.

The women undergoing IVF treatment need to make some lifestyle changes and medicines for maintaining proper hormonal levels and preventing nutritional deficiencies.

Harvesting(Collecting) Eggs

Once the eggs get matured enough, the eggs and the surrounding cells will be retrieved from the ovaries under local anaesthesia by sending a microneedle into the vagina. The collected eggs are sent to an embryologist to evaluate available healthy eggs. A count of 6 or more healthy eggs is a good sign, and they are stored in an incubator.

Sperm Collection

After the eggs are collected, the sperm sample is also collected. We recommend you give the sperm sample at the clinic in a private chamber. It is very important to maintain the quality of semen. Please collect the sperm in a sterile container at the clinic to keep it warm and send it to the lab for evaluation.

The sample is tested for the quality and quantity of the sperm. If the sample has more unhealthy sperm, the semen is extracted from the testes with the help of a microneedle.


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Once healthy sperm and healthy eggs are retrieved, they are fertilized in the lab under ideal conditions. In some cases, healthy sperm is directly injected into the egg, which doubles the fertilization chances, and this process is called IVF-ICSI. After fertilization, the eggs are monitored for around 3-6 days for their survival and development.

Transfer Of Embryos

Finally, a healthy embryo is transferred into the uterus of a woman with the help of special catheters (a small tube). We suggest transferring 2 to 3 embryos if available to increase the chances of pregnancy.

If any one of the transferred embryos gets attached to the lining of the uterus, it confirms PREGNANCY ! After two weeks, you can go for a confirmation test.

In women under 35 years of age, the average success rates of IVF are around 40 to 45%, and for women above 42 years, it is up to 15%. It might be expensive compared to other ART procedures, but the outcomes of IVF are accurate. Most of the couples who visited ZIVA conceived in the 1st & 2nd IVF cycles; if you can conceive in the first attempt of the IVF cycle, it won’t cost as much. To know more information about IVF treatment costs or any other fertility treatments, contacts our fertility experts in Hyderabad.