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Difference Between IVF And IUI

Infertility is a major challenge for couples today; there are many infertile couples around us. The infertility taboo is still widespread. Sometimes partners suffer in silence. It is important to know that you are not alone and that proper help is available. 

An infertile couple can seek two main treatments – IUI and IVF. But, first, it is important to know the difference between the two. IUI and IVF are procedures that help women get pregnant. IUI means Intrauterine Insemination, and IVF means 

In Vitro Fertilization. A fertility specialist runs a series of tests on both spouses and uses family history to decide which treatment is best. Nowadays, couples are getting more and more confused about infertility treatments.

The main difference between IVF and IUI is that IVF is a multi-step process in which the egg is extracted, fertilized, and transferred. In contrast, in IUI, the sperm is injected directly into the uterus to reduce the sperm’s travel time. In addition, because IVF is a more invasive treatment, the costs of the IVF process are much higher than the costs of IUI.

What is IVF?

IVF is one of the best ways to treat infertility. Most doctors recommend the IVF treatment procedure because of its success, and all the techniques used in this process are up to date. During treatment, the patient is given fertility drugs to increase egg production. After the eggs mature, they are extracted from the female reproductive tract using a very simple process. The egg and sperm are then stored for fertilization, which results in an embryo. After the embryo is formed, it is placed in the female reproductive tract to become pregnant.

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Steps in IVF

  • Pre-cycle diagnostic tests
  • Stimulates the ovaries to produce many eggs in one phase
  • Obtaining eggs from each ovary
  • Fertilization of eggs in the laboratory with traditional fertilization or ICSI
  • Transfer the embryos to the uterus of the mother or surrogate and follow the directions for treatment

Conditions suitable for IVF

Most couples today choose IVF over IUI. Doctors decide infertility treatments based on many factors. Factors that should make you think about in vitro fertilization for the first time are:

  • Blocked fallopian tubes
  • Women at or above the age of 38
  • If you decide to use eggs from an egg donor
  • When you don’t have enough ovarian reserves
  • When you are have severe male infertility, and it can be managed using technology such as IVF with ICSI
  • When you need genetic screening
  • If you have advanced endometriosis

What is IUI?

IUI (intrauterine insemination) is another helpful option in treating infertility problems. This treatment option is very useful for treating male infertility. The process is simple, where sperm is collected. They are then processed in a laboratory and placed in the uterine cavity. During the sperm washing process, all the sperms are removed, and the sperms are concentrated. The main purpose of this process is to get more sperm to respond to the egg. In addition, this process occurs when a woman is about to ovulate.

Steps in IUI (intrauterine insemination)

  • IUI is a treatment in which sperm from a male partner is injected directly into the woman’s uterus during ovulation, which minimizes the movement of the sperm towards the egg.
  • During ovulation, the female produces an egg that reaches the end of the fallopian tube, waiting to receive sperm. IUI then injects high-quality sperm into the uterus to increase the chances of pregnancy. In addition, the parents receive external hormonal support to increase the chances of getting pregnant.
  • If three or more rounds of IUI are unsuccessful, the next step is to choose an IVF cycle.
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Conditions suitable for IUI

So for whom is IUI suggested? IUI may be a better treatment than IVF in the following conditions :

  • Donor Sperm Use – When you select donor sperm option
  • Same-sex partners – Women can select sperm from donors to get pregnant.
  • Mild Ovulation Problems – Women with mild ovulation problems can be treated with mild treatment with IUI
  • Maintaining Fertility in Men – Before undergoing cancer treatment or surgery, some men choose to freeze their sperm. IUI can be used to help achieve postoperative pregnancy if a partner is deemed capable of becoming pregnant.
  • Cervical Problems – Interfering cervical scars or mucus interfere with conception, so an IUI may be able to help you overcome this barrier.
  • If you have at least one blocked fallopian tube.
  • When you have enough ovarian reserves
  • If you have a normal uterine cavity
  • If you have mild ovulation problems and with a little medication, you can ovulate well.

Difference Between IVF and IUI

  • Success rate: The success rate of both treatments depends on various factors such as age or infertility issues. The IVF success rate is higher than other treatment options. When women used extracted eggs, the success rate was more than 45% for those under 35. To keep in mind, as you get older, the quality and quantity of eggs for sperm will decrease evenly. If you are over 40 years of age, the success rate is also high. If you have any problems, you can visit our IVF centre in India.

IUI has a lower success rate than IVF. In patients over 35 years of age, the success rate is 20%. If you are over 40 years old, the chances are around 8%.

  • Time: The IUI treatment is shorter than the IVF treatment. If the first cycle of IUI is successful, it means you can have a baby sooner. As we said before, the success rate varies. Therefore, patients over 35 years of age prefer IVF. It is best to consult a doctor first to tell you which method is best for you.
  • Cost: The cost of IVF is slightly higher than that of IUI. Undoubtedly, price is also an important consideration for many patients. It also depends on what problem is diagnosed, and then the couple chooses which method to consider.
  • Suitable candidate: IUI treatment is recommended if you have ovulation problems, sperm abnormalities, problems with ejaculation in men, and you need to get donor sperm. In IVF, this treatment is suitable for patients with endometriosis, ovulation problems, blocked fallopian tubes, reduced ovarian reserve, and low sperm count.

It’s important to ask your doctor if you have any questions about IUI or IVF. Avoid using google to get responses as they vary from person to person. Instead, contact one of the fertility specialists at Ziva Infertility Clinic for assistance on your treatment. Please call us and make an appointment at Ziva Infertility Clinic at 9392834104.